Most of the essay writing services have a typical structure specific to such organizations. The same coherency of work over the orders is also typical for translation/PR agencies. Let`s consider how your order goes through all stages of processing from receiving to the awarding.

The first step

When you decide to place an order first you should connect the manager of the particular service you have chosen. The are several ways to do it:

  • Some services have an option which allows you to do it in a special field placed at the website;
  • There also might be a special window, which appears right after you opened the website;
  • Special working email placed at the website intended for sending orders.

The second step

One of the managers receives your request and asks you to define the dimensions and details of the order. Such as seizing needed, amount of the characters, topic, time frames. Then he makes calculations and tells you an approximate price. It`s obvious, that when you send a rush order its price increases twice or even more (also depends on service). He also endows you a special login and password from your individual account where you can observe the process of your order`s execution (as a rule).

The third step

From the moment of getting the order, the manager becomes responsible for its completing. He keeps in touch with the customer through the all process. But, from this moment, his work starts. He is also responsible for finding an appropriate executor. After collecting the data about an order he needs to choose one of the staff (or non-staff) writers and send him an order. How the manager chooses the writer?

  • A first and most important criterion is specialization. It`s almost impossible for the writer whom specialization is financial field to get an order affiliated with modern vogue topic, and vice versa.
  • There is also a very little chance that big, difficult and rush orders will be entrusted to beginners.
  • Preference to those who are not busy with the other orders. Because the writer should be focused on the target.

The fourth step

This is the core step of the work. The writer starts to fulfil the order right after he gets it. Sometimes writer and client have a direct link, in order to control the fulfilment as carefully as possible. Top essay writing service will be always ready to provide this opportunity on the first client`s request. There is no doubt that every writer is a creative person and has his own approach, but every work process has several common features:

  • Extra data collecting. As a matter of fact, that manager isn`t a practising writer (as a rule), there might a be a situation when he didn`t clarify all needed information about an order, so the writer has to do it on his own.
  • Drowning into the sources
  • Proximate working process
  • Participating in the editing process (sometimes)

In spite of the fact that one who represents the service in the eyes of the customer is manager, the writer is a most responsible link in this chain. In the case of complains the blame is placed on him /them (in case of a big project) first, and only then on the manager.


Highly specialized texts need to be proofread. Not so popular service, mostly a part of extra services proposed to the customers. Specialist in a concrete topic is asked to check the text for terminological, lexical compliance with the topic.


Second to last step before awarding the order. Professional editors check the text, revealing grammar, lexical, and other mistakes and correct them. In some cases, the text is sent back to the writer. If such happens there is a big chance to disrupt the schedule and suffer loses. Client-oriented services always decrease prices in similar instances. In the end, edited text is sent back to the manager.


Manager notifies a client that the order is fulfilled, the customer pays set before price. If a customer isn`t satisfied with the work, he can address the manager and ask money back. It may be difficult for the customer to prove his position but in most cases, managers try to settle down the conflict as gently as it`s possible. Even in the case when the executor made a mistake and screwed up with the task there is a chance to save or restore relations with the client.