Was Hatteras Yachts sold?

Was Hatteras Yachts sold?

Hatteras Yachts sold White River Marine Group (WRMG) has acquired North Carolina-based Hatteras Yachts in a surprise move, taking on its facilities with plans to invest significantly and create 500 new jobs.

What company bought Hatteras Yachts?

White River Marine Group
Bass Pro Shops’ White River Marine Group acquires N.C. boat company Hatteras Yachts. NEW BERN, N.C. (KY3/WITN) – White River Marine Group, the Springfield-based boat company owned by Bass Pro founder Johnny Morris, is acquiring North Carolina boat company Hatteras Yachts.

Do they still make Hatteras Yachts?

Engineered to stand up to the unforgiving conditions of North Carolina, Hatteras Yachts can be found all over the world. The brand’s trademark lies not only in technical innovation, but in the effortless blending of luxury with performance. Today, it continues to build exceptional yachts and quality sportfishing boats.

Do they still make Hatteras boats?

Today, both brands are thriving as Hatteras continues to debut new models like the GT59 and the GT65 Carolina, which are back on the tournament circuit and winning awards. The Hatteras factory also debuted the new Cabo 41 Express at recent boat shows.

Are Hatteras good boats?

If you are searching for a top-quality, comfortable, and seaworthy watercraft that will last, the brand Hatteras is the best place to begin. Their designs produce a more comfortable, safer, and drier ride than other yachts of similar size.

Is Hatteras or Viking better?

The quality is what makes the boat heavier than the viking. And while you probably burn more fuel with the Hatteras, you will never have to worry about coring like on the Viking. The Weight of the Hat also makes it really good in rough seas, much better than the viking.

How much is Bass Pro Shop worth?

Bass Pro Shops

Trade name Bass Pro Shops
Key people Johnny Morris Founder and CEO
Products Hunting, fishing, and outdoor merchandise
Revenue US$6.5 billion (2019)
Number of employees 40,000