What are louvers for on cars?

What are louvers for on cars?

In the car world, they’re a series of slats placed either on the rear window or the side quarter windows of a vehicle. They’re intended to add style, reduce glare, and keep the car’s interior cool.

How do louvers work?

How do Louvers Work? Louvers are made functional by fixed or operable blades installed on a frame. The number, size, and design of the blades depends on the type of ventilation and protection you require from the louver. Each blade has a unique configuration, allowing for different things to pass through it.

How are louvers controlled?

The Louver is a kind of a shutter or blind that comes with horizontal slats that are angled to allow space for light and air but restrict rain and direct sunlight whereas dampers control the airflow.

How do you size the Louvre?

By subtracting any obstructions to airflow (frames and blades) from the overall opening size we get a net result – free area. The typical size for louver comparison is 48″ Wide x 48″ High – which is an industry standard. Never assume that sizes other than this will have the same percentage free area.

What are window louvers?

louver, also spelled Louvre, arrangement of parallel, horizontal blades, slats, laths, slips of glass, wood, or other material designed to regulate airflow or light penetration. Louvers are often used in windows or doors in order to allow air or light in while keeping sunshine or moisture out.

Are louvered windows more expensive?

Fixed and sliding are same cost. Louvres are over double as they use commercial frames. Double hung, unsure but should be between 50% more than sliding and double sliding. Thanks.

Are louvres double glazed?

Double-glazed, louvre windows with thermally-broken extruded aluminium frames from Fieger Louvre. The FLW range from Fieger Louvre consists of double-glazed, louvre windows with thermally-broken extruded aluminium frames.