What are the 3 coldest planets?

What are the 3 coldest planets?

Hottest and Coldest Planet in the Solar System

Name of Planets (Hottest to Coldest) Mean Temperature (Degree Celsius)
1. Venus 471°C
2. Mercury (430°C) during the day, (-180°C) at night
3. Earth 16°C
4. Mars -28°C

How cold is the coldest planet in the galaxy?

(opens in new tab) Uranus holds the record for the coldest temperature (opens in new tab) ever measured in the solar system — minus 371.56 degrees F (minus 224.2 degrees C).

Where is the coldest planet in the universe?

Uranus holds the record for the coldest temperature ever measured in the Solar System: a very chilly -224℃. The temperature on Neptune is still very cold, of course – usually around -214℃ – but Uranus beats that.

Which planet is darkest and coldest?

Neptune is dark, cold, and very windy. It’s the last of the planets in our solar system. It’s more than 30 times as far from the sun as Earth is.

Which is colder Saturn or Uranus?

Saturn – Minus 220°F (-140°C) Uranus – Minus 320°F (-195°C) Neptune – Minus 330°F (-200°C) Dwarf Planet Pluto – Minus 375°F (-225°C)

Why is Uranus cold?

The reason why Uranus is so cold is nothing to do with its distance from the Sun. Billions of years ago, something big crashed into Uranus with so much force that it tipped the planet over onto its side. Uranus still rolls around the Sun on its side today.

Which is colder Uranus or Pluto?

Lastly, Uranus is extremely cold, but it’s not the coldest celestial body in the Solar System. Pluto, which was relegated to the status of a dwarf planet in 2006, is colder, for the simple reason that it is the furthest body from the Sun. However, there exists a body that is even colder than Pluto.

Is Jupiter colder than Mars?

Mars – Minus 85°F (-65°C) Jupiter – Minus 166°F (-110°C) Saturn – Minus 220°F (-140°C)

Is Neptune colder than Uranus?

Even though Uranus is usually slightly warmer than Neptune, it does reach the coldest temperatures of any planet. The coldest temperature ever recorded for Uranus was -371º F! Scientists aren’t completely sure why Uranus reaches such cold temperatures despite being so much closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Is Mars the coldest planet?

Mars is the coldest of the inner rocky planets, and it orbits just outside the Sun’s habitable zone at an average distance of 142-million miles (228-million kilometres). At such a vast distance, it’s no surprise that Mars is colder than the Earth.

Is Saturn colder than Uranus?

How cold is Jupiter?

minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit
The temperature in the clouds of Jupiter is about minus 145 degrees Celsius (minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature near the planet’s center is much, much hotter. The core temperature may be about 24,000 degrees Celsius (43,000 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s hotter than the surface of the sun!