What are the parts of a cone crusher?

What are the parts of a cone crusher?

The main components of a cone crusher include the main shaft, mantle, concaves, cone, eccentric bushing, drive, crown gear, frame, and tramp release mechanism (mechanically or hydraulically actuated).

What is HP cone crusher?

Nordberg® HP300™ cone crusher is a versatile rock crushing machine frequently utilized as a secondary, tertiary, or quaternary crusher in aggregates production or in mining operations. It is part of the world’s most popular cone crusher series, and designed for high productivity, with low operating and wear costs.

What is the reduction ratio of cone crusher?

A Cone Crusher will deliver a 4:1 to 6:1 reduction ratio. As we set the closed side setting tighter to create a finer output, we also reduce the volume or throughput capacity of the machine.

What is CSS in cone crusher?

The closed side setting (CSS) defines the reduction ratio in cone crushers and has a significant effect on product gradation, capacity, and power draw. The closed side setting is measured from the bottom of the mantle to the bottom of the bowl liner at their closest point during the gyrating cycle.

How much does a crusher cone weigh?

Nordberg HP Series cone crushers technical specifications

Nordberg® HP500™ 1 520 mm (60″) 37 000 kg (81 600 lbs)
Nordberg® HP6™ 1 400 mm (55″) 44 550 kg (98 200 lbs)
Nordberg® HP900 1 780 mm (70″) 77 960 kg (171 870 lbs)
* Complete crusher weight

How do you calculate cone crusher capacity?

Example capacity calculation of a 10″ x 20″ (250 mm x 500 mm): Pp = 2800 (2.8 SG) e = 0.2 (halfway between dolomite and sandstone) A = 250/1000 x 500/1000.

How do you size a cone crusher?

Determine the feed size as the size, square mesh in inches, through which 80 percent of the fed material will pass. Determine the product size as the size, square mesh in inches, through which 80 percent of the product will pass.

How do you calculate the volume of a cone crusher?

How do you size a jaw crusher?

Jaw crushers are sized based upon the dimensions of the top feed inlet (gape) or the dimensions of the jaws. For example, a 32 x 54 sized jaw crusher will measure 32 inches from the movable to stationary jaw (when measured at the top i.e. the opening), and each jaw will have a 54-inch width.

Where are Nordberg Crushers made?

Nordberg Manufacturing Company was a manufacturer of steam engines, large diesel engines, pumps, hoists and compressors for the mining and quarry industries located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What is the working principle of cone crusher?

Inside your cone crusher The basic principle is straightforward: the material to be crushed (the feed), drops into the crushing chamber. The mantle is a moving part that gyrates in an eccentric motion.

How can you increase the efficiency of a crusher?

Choke feeding is important for cone crushers because it maintains a good particle shape by facilitating an inter-particle crushing action. Trickle feeding is not the best option because it increases the proportion of flaky material in the crusher product, hindering its efficiency.

What is HP200 cone crusher?

Nordberg® HP200™ cone crusher is a versatile rock crushing machine often utilized especially in aggregates production and quarrying operations. It is designed for high productivity, low operating and wear costs, long service life and high efficiency, providing good quality end product.

What kind of motor is in a Metso 200 Rear discharge?

See More Details New Metso HP 200 Rear Discharge Cone Plant New HP 200 CONE: • 200 HP 1200 RPM Cone Motor • Hydraulic adjust underload • 80% Pass the closed side setting • Multiple Liner Configurations NE…See More Details

Why choose an HP™ Crusher?

Nordberg® HP™ crushers feature a unique combination of crusher speed, throw, crushing forces and cavity design. This combination is renowned for providing higher capacity and superior end-product quality in all secondary, tertiary and quaternary applications.