What are the three malleoli?

What are the three malleoli?

A trimalleolar fracture is a type of ankle fracture. It happens when you fracture three different areas in your ankle called the malleoli. These bones, called the medial, lateral, and posterior malleoli, stick out somewhat at your ankle.

What does trimalleolar fracture mean?

In a trimalleolar ankle fracture, your ankle joint is broken in three places: ADVERTISEMENT. Lateral malleolus: the lower part of the fibula, near the ankle joint. Medial malleolus: the inner part of the lower tibia, near the ankle joint.

What is the difference between a Trimalleolar and bimalleolar fracture?

Physicians classify broken ankles by the area of bone that has fractured. For instance, if both the fibula and tibia have broken, it is considered a bimalleolar fracture. Conversely, a trimalleolar fracture involves a break in the three parts of the ankle.

How do you heal a trimalleolar fracture?

Treating Bimalleolar and Trimalleolar Fractures Surgery is required to “fix” these fracture sites. It involves re-positioning the bones to their normal anatomical alignment and holding them in place with screws and plates. Following surgery the patient will be completely non-weight bearing for a period of 2-3 months.

Does a trimalleolar fracture include the fibula?

A trimalleolar fracture occurs when the three malleoli bones that make up the ankle break at the same time. The malleoli are specific parts of the tibia and fibula that form the ankle.

What is malleolar screw?

– designed as a lag screw to be used in medial malleolar frxs, but due to its rather large diameter and large screw head, the smaller. cancellous bone screws have taken its place in this area; – malleolar screws may find its place in frx of the distal humerus, or the lesser trochanter.

How do you heal a Trimalleolar fracture?

How much money can you get from a ankle injury?

Average Workers’ Compensation Settlements for Ankle Injuries

Severity of Ankle Injury Estimated Settlement Amounts Types of Injury
Mild $1,000 – $30,955 Strain, contusion, etc
Moderate to Severe $30,955 – $59,253 Fractures, minor tears, sprains, strains, etc.
Extremely Severe $59,253+ Torn ligaments, amputations, loss of use, etc.

How do you fix a posterior malleolus fracture?

Most posterior malleolus fractures can be approached using a posterolateral incision, being careful to identify and protect the sural nerve and its branches. A buttress plate or lag screw can be used to fix the fracture.

How much is a human ankle worth?

How much is a broken ankle worth? A broken ankle injury can be worth anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The number of bones you break, which bones you break, and whether or not you require surgery will all have an impact on how much your broken ankle injury settlement is worth.