What are the topics of geography for UPSC?

What are the topics of geography for UPSC?

The topics included in this subject are related to physical and human geography, economic geography and geography of India. Candidates who choose Geography as an optional subject in UPSC often find the syllabus to be vast.

How many parts of Geography is there in UPSC?

UPSC Geography is a subject which demands consistent revision of three sections of the subject: Indian Geography. Human Geography. World Geography.

Which geography notes is best for UPSC?

G.C Leong is a very good book on Geography and should be studied for both UPSC Prelims and Mains. However, aspirants should study NCERT Geography for IAS before starting with G.C Leong as the subject matter is covered in detail in this book.

Which is more scoring history or geography?

It is more scoring because of the nature of the subject. Also, you can use a lot of diagrams and pictures which fetch marks. Maps in history are more difficult because you have to write the names of places already marked on the map. This is tough since there are innumerable numbers of places you have to remember.

Are Ncerts enough for geography?

Yes. NCERTS are enough if you prepare in an effective manner for prelims Geography. However you can also refer to NCERT compilations for making your study but more easy.

Which coaching is best for geography?

Question – Which Is The Best Geography Optional Coaching in India?

  • Rank 1 PLUTUS IAS Geography Optional Coaching In India.
  • Rank 2 Yojna IAS Geography Optional Coaching In Delhi.
  • Rank 3 The Hindu Zone Geography Optional Coaching in India.
  • Rank 4 ALS IAS Geography Optional Coaching in Delhi.

Is geography a good optional for UPSC?

Geography is one of the most recommended optional subjects in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Several toppers take this optional subject in UPSC CSE just to make sure that they clear the exam.

Is BSC geography good for UPSC?

Geography is the most preferred optional subject in UPSC CSE As per the data available on the UPSC website, Geography is the most preferred subject among the optional subjects chosen by the candidates.

What is the syllabus of Geography in IAS prelims?

All the geographical phenomena follow the scientific principles of Physics and Chemistry. The candidate needs to visualise the pressure concepts at the global level to understand the movement of gases and water currents. The IAS prelims syllabus do not explain the actual content of the syllabus.

What is the scope of IAS general geography?

Geography is one of the largest section of the IAS General Studies syllabus. Geography touches all aspects of life in one way or other. Some geography mentors say that General Studies is the extension of Geography but it is not the case. The candidates should start with the NCERT books.

What is Indian and world geography for IAS exam?

Indian and World Geography include all the physical, economic and political aspects of geography. The UPSC always ask a good number of questions in the UPSC exams be it for the IAS exam, CDS exam, CAPF exam and the like. The candidates should understand that they have to study the following topics for the Geography section of the IAS exam.

What is the Indian and World Geography syllabus?

The Indian and World Geography syllabus, in a broad sense, covers almost all the aspects of the General Studies syllabus except current affairs. Indian and World Geography include all the physical, economic and political aspects of geography.