What body type is a Hyundai Getz?

What body type is a Hyundai Getz?

The Hyundai Getz is a front-wheel-drive five-passenger supermini manufactured and marketed by Hyundai from 2002 to 2011 in three and five-door hatchback body styles over a single generation — and marketed globally except in the United States, Canada and China.

How big is a Hyundai Getz?

Getz Specs, Features and Price Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Getz has a mileage of 15.3 to 16.8 kmpl & Ground clearance of Getz is 145mm. The Getz is a 5 seater 4 cylinder car and has length of 3810mm, width of 1665mm and a wheelbase of 2455mm.

What are the common problems of Hyundai Getz?

Hyundai Getz Common Problems and Solutions

  • Jerky Acceleration. Problem:
  • Locked Rear Door Window. Problem:
  • Stiff Gear Changes. Problem:
  • Rumbling noise from wheels. Problem:
  • Suspension problems. Problem:
  • Poor starting. Problem:
  • Engine ticking noise. Problem:
  • Car Vibrates When In Neutral. Problem:

Why was Hyundai Getz discontinued?

India’s second largest car maker Hyundai has decided to phase out its Hatchback car Getz. Getz was the first premium hatchback but is not inspiring any customer to buy the car, because its own sibling i20 has got more features and more premium than Getz.

What are the dimensions of a Hyundai Getz 2009?

See the table below for a comprehensive list of dimensions for the Hyundai Getz 2009 including the height, width, length and more for each vehicle. The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car is 1495mm across all variants. The width is 1665mm across all variants.

What type of petrol is available in the Hyundai Getz 2009?

The Hyundai Getz 2009 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Hatchback 1.6L 5 SP Manual to the Hatchback 1.4L 4 SP Automatic.

How much does a Hyundai Getz cost?

Hatchback Hyundai Getz Models SPECS PRICE S 1.4L ULP Regular Unleaded Petrol 4 SP AU $2,600 – 4,510 S 1.4L ULP Regular Unleaded Petrol 4 SP AU $2,400 – 4,070 S 1.4L ULP Regular Unleaded Petrol 5 SP MA $2,400 – 4,070 S 1.4L ULP Regular Unleaded Petrol 5 SP MA $2,400 – 4,180