What can I plant with maple leaf viburnum?

What can I plant with maple leaf viburnum?

Use Mapleleaf viburnum alongside other dry shade plants such as Epimedium, Mahonia, and Oakleaf hydrangeas.

Is maple leaf viburnum poisonous?

The pulpy mini-drupes (commonly referred to as berries) ripen in Summer or Fall and each contain a single, flat seed. (Left: Maple-Leaf Viburnum (V. acerifolium) Leaves and Berries by wide eyed lib. The berries are non-toxic but don’t taste very good.)

Is maple leaf viburnum evergreen?

ovatum, Viburnum densiflorum. Viburnum acerifolium (Mapleleaf Viburnum) is a densely branched, deciduous shrub with a profusion of flat upright clusters packed with tiny white flowers in spring to late summer. Attractive to butterflies, they are followed by red berries that ripen to blue-black in late summer.

What does Mapleleaf Viburnum look like?

Bright- to dark-green, deciduous foliage, maple-like in shape, is very colorful in fall. A shrub with maple-like leaves and small, white flowers or uniform size in flat topped clusters. The distinctive, purplish-pink autumn foliage makes this one of our handsomest shrubs.

Can I propagate viburnum?

Every plant is different but viburnum can be propagated either by soft or hardwood cuttings. Hardwood will be a bit more difficult to root, while rooting viburnum cuttings taken in mid to late spring, which are softwood cuttings, tend to root much easier.

Is Viburnum Acerifolium invasive?

Linden viburnum was introduced in the early 1800s as an ornamental. It occurs in scattered locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region from New York to Virginia and has been reported to be invasive in natural areas in Virginia. It grows in disturbed forests and wetlands.

Will deer eat maple leaf viburnum?

“Deer, rabbits, mice, skunks, ruffed grouse, ring-necked pheasants, wild turkeys, and many species of songbirds eat the fruits of maple-leaf viburnum. Deer, moose, rabbits, and beavers eat the twigs, bark, and leaves. The relatively low-growing plants provide good nesting and escape cover for birds and small mammals.”

Is maple leaf viburnum native to Pennsylvania?

Mapleleaf viburnum is a native deciduous suckering shrub found in eastern and central USA and the Piedmont and mountains of NC.

Can you root viburnum in water?

Remove any leaves on the cutting and dip the cut end into water, then into a small amount of rooting hormone. You may use the same medium you use for softwood cuttings or a mixture of 40 percent peat moss and 60 percent perlite.

Can you cut viburnum to the ground?

You can remove damaged or crowded branches which helps to stimulate air flow and new growth. Hard pruning should be done in late March or early April so new shoots can grow during the season. A heavy pruning or rejuvenation pruning means cutting branches down to the ground.

Which viburnum is invasive?

Which Viburnum is most fragrant?

Viburnum x burkwoodii
Viburnum x burkwoodii has to be one the most fragrant of all the viburnums. The white, pompom-like flowers usually appear in early spring and last for weeks, followed by red fruits.

Which viburnum is most fragrant?

When should viburnum be planted?

Plant in spring or fall. Viburnums aren’t picky about soil, but they generally do best in dirt that’s rich and well-drained. If your soil is poor, add organic material like compost when you plant the tree. Viburnum generally make the most blooms and berries in full sun, but some varieties can tolerate light shade.

How long does a viburnum live?

between 50 and 150 years
Dead, Wilted, and Discolored Leaves How long can viburnum live? Depending upon the variety, viburnum can live between 50 and 150 years with proper care.

What is maple leaf viburnum?

Maple-leaved viburnum is a native, medium-sized under-story shrub, preferring shade and part shade conditions. It makes it a great option for naturalizing in shady areas. The creamy-white, flat-topped flowers in May, black fruit in fall that persists into winter, and excellent pink to dark burgundy fall color add year-round interest.

What animals eat maple leaf viburnum?

Mapleleaf viburnum shrubs can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 m.) tall and 4 feet (1.2 m.) wide but are generally smaller in the wild. The fruits are attractive to song birds but will also draw wild turkeys and ring-necked pheasants. Deer, skunks, rabbits and moose also seem to like to nibble on the bark and foliage of the plants.

Are Viburnum trees easy to care for?

They are quick to establish and can form thickets if not pruned from time to time. Overall, mapleleaf viburnum is a low maintenance addition to the landscape, with its drought tolerance, few pest or disease issues, and ease of care. Partnered with its abundant wildlife food, Mapleleaf viburnums are winning plants for any garden.

Can you grow Viburnum acerifolium from cuttings?

Viburnum acerifolium is not often found in the nursery trade – the production of Viburnum trilobum (now Viburnum opulus L. var. americanum) seems more common – but it is a plant that is worthy of more attention both from nurseries and landscapers. It can be propagated from seed and cuttings.