What delay settings does the edge use?

What delay settings does the edge use?

Edge almost always has his delay times in tempo with the song. His favorite setting is ‘3/16’, which is where the delay length is equal to 3 1/16th notes.

What is the u2 sound?

For his effects the most often recognised U2 tone is the use of crotchet triplet repeats with a delay pedal. Think ‘Pride, In the Name of Love’. This essentially means if you have a bar of 4 beats the delay pedal needs to squeeze in 6 equal repeats in every bar. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

What does the edge use for shimmer?

Edge uses an Eventide harmonizer now for his shimmer.

What makes the Edge a great guitarist?

“It’s hard to be a guitar player and not have at least a little inspiration from the Edge, even if it’s subconscious. He’s not up there being flashy and playing a million notes. His ‘flash’ is in the melody and beautiful notes he chooses. His use of his delays and his self-control are unparalleled.

Can the Edge sing?

The Edge sings the lead vocal on “Van Diemen’s Land” and “Numb”, the first half of the song “Seconds”, dual vocals with Bono in “Discotheque”, and the bridge in the song “Miracle Drug”.

What nationality is the Edge from U2?

The Edge/Nationality

What is dual delay?

Two independent delay lines can be configured in series or parallel (right/left split). The second delay has independent Mix, Repeat and Time values, and can also be set to track the first delay’s knob values.

What is multi delay?

A delay effect where the delay time can be subdivided into multiple “taps” allowing for the creation of rhythmic delay effects. For example, you might set the delay for 480 milliseconds, then have taps at 1/2 that time (240ms) and 1/3 that time (160ms).

What is sound shimmer?

“Shimmer” is a type of reverberation effects that introduce enhanced harmonics of the input signal into the reverberation process. One typical approach to obtain the harmonics is real-time pitch shifting.

What guitar pedals does the edge use?

But what the Edge’s is most famous for is his use of delay pedals. For this purpose, he uses analog delays, which give his tone a very unique vibe. However, for this purpose, you can use even a cheaper analog delay, like MXR’s Carbon Copy.

How good is the edge at guitar?

“There’s no denying that the Edge is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. And when you listen to his playing on Achtung Baby, one could argue it’s his best.

Did the edge use a memory man?

“We were cutting some of our early demos when we got our first Memory Man echo unit,” The Edge told Joe Bosso back in 2008. “Within minutes, I was drawn not only to the textural qualities of the echo but also the rhythmic possibilities that it suggested.”

Is The Edge of U2 considered a good guitarist?

Does edge ever use two delays?

Yes Edge does use two delays sometimes but that is normally for the big outros or soaring solos!!! Streets live has always been played with one TC2290 and Bad has always beenplayed using one SDD3K!! Check out any live footage and you can clearly see this!!!

How many digital delays does U2 use for Echo?

Your observations are almost correct however two or three digital delays are used in these situations. the huge sound wall of echo that you hear on U2 records is the result of shorter slap echoes that modulate in pitch feeding into longer delays that also modulate in pitch.

Why does U2 sound so lush with delay effects?

That is how you hear it anyway and then you feed that into the longer modulating delays that often show up in U2 songs between 350 and 450 ms. This is how and why the sound is so lush an more complex than you are able to get with just delays running in parallel.

How does the edge get his delayed sound?

In the Early days the Edge used an Echoplex for his delayed sound. It’s basically a big loop of 1/4″ audio tape that is constantly recording and playing back.