What did Mamphela Ramphele do for South Africa?

What did Mamphela Ramphele do for South Africa?

Mamphela Ramphele, in full Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, (born December 28, 1947, Uitkyk, South Africa), South African activist, physician, academic, businesswoman, and political leader known for her activism efforts for the rights of black South Africans and her fight against South Africa’s discriminatory policies of …

Who is the wife of Steve Biko?

Ntsiki MashalabaSteve Biko / Wife (m. 1970–1977)
Biko married Ntsiki Mashalaba in December 1970. They had two children together: Nkosinathi, born in 1971, and Samora, born in 1975.

What role did Steve Biko play in the struggle against apartheid?

Stephen Bantu Biko was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. A student leader, he later founded the Black Consciousness Movement which would empower and mobilize much of the urban black population.

What does Black Consciousness mean?

Black Consciousness began to be defined as “an attitude of mind” or “way of life” of black people who believed in their potential and value as black people and saw the need for black people to work together for a holistic liberation.

What was the reason for the Soweto uprising in 1976?

High school student-led protests in South Africa began on the morning of June 16, 1976 in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools. Known as the Soweto uprising, an estimated 20,000 students took part in the protests.

What is the origin of the BCM?

The Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) was a grassroots anti-Apartheid activist movement that emerged in South Africa in the mid-1960s out of the political vacuum created by the jailing and banning of the African National Congress and Pan Africanist Congress leadership after the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960.

Was Mamphela Ramphele married?

Ramphele and her two sons (by now she had a second son from her marriage to Sipo Magele) moved to a house in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

What does the term anti apartheid mean?

Definition of anti-apartheid : opposed to the former apartheid policy in the Republic of South Africa anti-apartheid groups.

Who started the Soweto Uprising?

A student from Morris Isaacson High School, Teboho “Tsietsi” Mashinini, proposed a meeting on 13 June 1976 to discuss what should be done. Students formed an Action Committee, later known as the Soweto Students’ Representative Council, which organised a mass rally for 16 June to make themselves heard.