What DIRECTV channel is the Lakers game on tonight?

What DIRECTV channel is the Lakers game on tonight?

What channel is the Lakers Warriors game on DirecTV? The Lakers-Warriors game for the 20-21 regular season was broadcast on ESPN (channel 206) & ESPN Deportes (channel 466).

What channel is NBA Today on DIRECTV?

channel 216
NBA TV HD is on channel 216.

Is the NBA game on DIRECTV?

When you get DIRECTV STREAM or Satellite you’ll have access to more games than you can even imagine….Golden State Warriors.

Event Time Channels
Sunday, June 5
Boston Celtics at Golden State Warriors 8:00 PM ABC – ABC HD
Wednesday, June 8
Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics 9:00 PM ABC – ABC HD

What channel do the Lakers play on?

TV Channel Of the Lakers’ three upcoming nationally televised games, two are on ESPN TV (vs. Clippers and at Mavericks) and the other one – home encounter against the Boston Celtics – is on ESPN.

Why can’t I watch NBA on DIRECTV?

National networks like ESPN and TNT have exclusive distribution rights to some games and restrict availability on these games. Sports blackouts and game availability aren’t controlled by DIRECTV. The leagues, associations, and networks buy rights to broadcast certain games and control the broadcast availability.

How do I get NBA games on DIRECTV?

On a computer, go to https://watch.nba.com/streaming-subscriptions. Sign in to your nba.com account or create one, if necessary. Select DIRECTV as your Television Provider. Use your DIRECTV user ID or email address and password to sign in.

In what channel can I see the Lakers Game?

Since the Lakers are one of the NBA’s most popular teams, their games air on channels like ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, and ABC. And on some occasions, their games air on Spectrum SportsNet.

What channel can I watch the Lakers game?

Local Television Lakers games are broadcast locally on Spectrum SportsNet. All Lakers games will be broadcast on Spectrum SportsNet, except those games blacked out for national broadcasts.