What do you have to do to get 100 in Arkham Asylum?

What do you have to do to get 100 in Arkham Asylum?

To earn 100% game completion for the Perfect Knight Achievement, we must beat the game on any Difficulty, complete all 240 Riddler Challenges in the Main Campaign, & achieve all 48 Challenge Medals on the same playthrough.

How do you stop Scarecrow from blowing up ace chemicals in Batman Arkham Knight?

Objective: Stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals. Head back across the ramp and into the plant, then use the 60mm Cannon to blow a hole where the wall is highlighted above. Make your way around the corner and use the ramp you lowered earlier to jump across.

What happens if you 100% Arkham Origins?

In order finish the game 100%, you will have to collect all the data packs, get all the medals in challenge maps, unlock all character trophies, unlock all the bat suits, unlock all concept arts, play multiplayer game, scan all anarky tags, finish all side missions. Was this reply helpful?

Who is older Tweedledee or Tweedledum?

Tweedledee is larger than Tweedledum. They represented a pair of orderlies that worked in Rutledge Asylum when Alice was comitted. They were very cruel to Alice. They return in the sequel in one of Alice’s flashbacks.

How do you stop Scarecrow from detonating fear toxin bomb?

Prevent Scarecrow’s bomb from detonating! During the opening cinematic, press and hold any button to light the Joker on fire and get started with your Batman adventure. Once the Joker fully ignites, you can release the button and enjoy the rest of the cinematic until the police officer places his order at the diner.

Is there an alternate ending to Batman: Arkham Knight?

Batman Arkham Knight contains two different Endings following the conclusion of the Main Story in the game.

How do you unlock the last suit in Batman: Arkham Knight?

It can only be unlocked with 240% completion. Once by finishing the game a first time, then again on New Game + for the 200%, and then completing the final DLC to make up that extra 40%. Get through all that and you’ll get a batsuit you’ll likely have to explain the importance of to people.