What does AP Art consist of?

What does AP Art consist of?

All three AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams contain two sections: Sustained Investigation (60% of total score) and Selected Works (40% of total score). Review the Sustained Investigation and Selected Works section overviews for guidance on building your portfolio. Requirements for the three courses differ slightly.

Does AP Art include photography?

AP Studio Art: 2D Design with an emphasis in Digital Photography is for the serious photography student who is highly self-motivated and committed to building a superior portfolio. This course is a yearlong, college level exploration of the principles of design as expressed through digital photography.

Can you get a six on AP Art?

Ratthamnoon was one of sixteen students worldwide to receive a score of 100% for his AP Studio Art Drawing Portfolio in 2015, earning every point possible on each portion of his portfolio. His portfolio scored a perfect six.

What is passing for AP Art?

6 (excellent) through 5 (strong), 4 (good), 3 (moderate), 2 (weak), and 1(poor). ❖ Each score point is characterized by a variety of descriptors of work that would receive that score.

Is AP Art easy?

AP® Studio Art is another special case. Many students are earning high scores on these exams, but it is not because they are the easiest classes. It is because these kids are actually pretty great artists.

Is AP Art important?

The AP program supports students in becoming inventive artistic scholars. Why should a high school art student take the AP Studio Art portfolio exam? When college admissions officers see that you have taken and succeeded at an AP course, they can see that you have what it takes to succeed at college.

Is AP Art difficult?

The AP Art History exam is a tough one to master, though many students pass it with average scores. In 2019, 63.1% of students who took the AP Art History received a score of 3 or higher. Of these, only 11.9% of students received the top score of 5, with another 24.6% scoring a 4.

What are selected works in AP Art?

Selected Works may be related, unrelated, or a combination of related and unrelated works. For each work, you’ll submit written responses to prompts about the materials and processes used, as well as ideas that are visually evident in your work.

How difficult is AP art?

What is an AP Art and Design course?

In an AP Art and Design course, students develop the skills that artists and designers use, and create a portfolio of work that is assessed to produce their AP score. The AP Art and Design program includes three different courses and portfolio exams. Visit the course pages for detailed information:

What are the AP Art and design portfolio requirements?

Information about the AP Art and Design portfolio requirements is on our student site. Physical work for AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing must be mailed to the AP Program. Students will also submit their work online for all portfolios (2-D, 3-D, and Drawing).

How do I submit my work for AP Art and design?

Physical work for AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing must be mailed to the AP Program. Students will also submit their work online for all portfolios (2-D, 3-D, and Drawing). AP Art and Design students upload images of their work to the AP Art and Design digital submission web application over the course of the year, creating a digital portfolio.

What do you learn in high school art?

Purpose: High School Art 1 is a course that provides an introduction to art through a multi-media experience. Students will learn and apply the elements and principles of design to produce creative art projects that reflect their understanding of these concepts. Materials: You will only need a pencil, eraser, and your creative mind.