What does Biafra mean in English?

What does Biafra mean in English?

British Dictionary definitions for Biafra Biafra. / (bɪˈæfrə) / noun. a region of E Nigeria, formerly a local government region: seceded as an independent republic (1967–70) during the Civil War, but defeated by Nigerian government forces.

What ended the Biafran war?

July 6, 1967 – January 15, 1970Nigerian Civil War / Period

How did the name Biafra came about?

Etymology: Biafra is derived from two Igbo words ‘bia'(come) and ‘fra'(take). It is a word commonly used by the Igbo tribe in the West African subregion which they were later identified with. Biafra is an ancient kingdom dominated by the Igbo-speaking people of the West African subregion.

What is a ferrying?

Noun. 1. ferrying – transport by boat or aircraft. ferry. shipping, transport, transportation – the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials.

What is the meaning of unstintingly?

: not restricting or holding back : giving or being given freely or generously an unstinting volunteer unstinting praise.

What Feri means?


Acronym Definition
FERI Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

What is the Bengali meaning of unstinted?

অকুণ্ঠ we received unstinted support. given without restraint; liberal. translation of ‘unstinted’

How are you ferrying meaning?

to transport people or goods in a vehicle, especially regularly and often: I spend most of my time ferrying the children around.

What happened to Odumegwu Ojukwu of Biafra?

Archived from the original on 7 April 2014. Retrieved 4 April 2014. ^ McFadden, Robert D. (26 November 2011). “Odumegwu Ojukwu, Leader of Breakaway Republic of Biafra, Dies at 78”.

Who is Ojukwu’s wife?

Ojukwu married Bianca Onoh (former Miss Intercontinental and future ambassador) in 1994, his third marriage. The couple had three children, Afamefuna, Chineme and Nwachukwu.

Who is Obasanjo Ojukwu?

Ojukwu was the son of a successful Igbo businessman. After graduating from the University of Oxford in 1955, he returned to Nigeria to serve as an administrative officer. After two years, however, he joined the army and was rapidly promoted thereafter.

Who is Emeka Ojukwu?

Chukwuemeka “Emeka” Odumegwu Ojukwu (4 November 1933 – 26 November 2011) was a Nigerian military officer and politician who served as the military governor of the Eastern Region of Nigeria in 1966 and the leader of the breakaway Republic of Biafra from 1967 to 1970.