What does interstices meaning?

What does interstices meaning?

a space that intervenes between things
Definition of interstice 1a : a space that intervenes between things especially : one between closely spaced things interstices of a wall. b : a gap or break in something generally continuous the interstices of society passages of genuine literary merit in the interstices of the ludicrous …

What is the correct meaning of the word porous?

or full of pores
Definition of porous 1a : possessing or full of pores. b : containing vessels hardwood is porous. 2a : permeable to fluids. b : permeable to outside influences.

What is another name for interstitial?

Interstitial synonyms In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for interstitial, like: interspatial, substitutional, invagination, perivascular, eosinophilic and subendothelial.

What is the difference between a nook and a cranny?

1)A “nook” is a corner or a small, partially enclosed area of a larger room. A “cranny” is a crack or a crevice.

What are nooks and crannies?

small spaces in something or parts of something that are difficult to reach: These fish like to hang out under coral heads, ledges, or in other nooks and crannies.

What material is porous?

Sponges, wood, rubber, and some rocks are porous materials. In contrast, marble, glass, and some plastics are not porous and contain very few open pockets of air (or pores). A rock with good porosity is an important characteristic for an oil well.

What is meaning of porous in geography?

More specifically, porosity of a rock is a measure of its ability to hold a fluid. Mathematically, it is the open space in a rock divided by the total rock volume (solid and space). Permeability is a measure of the ease of flow of a fluid through a porous solid.

What does interstitial mean in construction?

An interstitial space is an intermediate space located between regular-use floors, commonly located in hospitals and laboratory-type buildings to allow space for the mechanical systems of the building.

How do you use macrocosm in a sentence?

Macrocosm sentence example Our study on the local environment, is a microcosm of the larger world macrocosm. The human body was a “microcosm” which corresponded to the “macrocosm,” and contained in itself all parts of visible nature, – sun, moon, stars and the poles of heaven.

What is nuke and corner?

Somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, or everywhere. across.

What does knuck and cranny mean?

Definition of every nook and cranny : every place : everywhere We searched every nook and cranny. : every part He knows every nook and cranny of that engine.

Why is it called a nook and cranny?

The idiom originated in the 14th century and it combines ‘nook’, being used from mid-1300s which means – a distant corner, with ‘cranny’ in usage since 1440 which means – a crack or gap.

What is porosity in building?

Porosity is the volume of such voids relative to the overall volume of the material. The SuDS Manual (C753), published by CIRIA in 2015 defines porosity as ‘The percentage of the bulk volume of a rock or soil that is occupied by voids, whether isolated or connected.