What does Navpu mean in GCash?

What does Navpu mean in GCash?

Net Asset Value Per Unit
The Net Asset Value Per Unit or NAVPU is identified as the unit price of a fund. GCash explained that the product provider computes it by dividing the fund’s overall value by the total number of units the fund has.

What is Navpu in stock market?

The Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS) is a metric used to assess the value of a real estate investment trust (REIT), and it indicates the worth of one share of a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund. The NAVPS is obtained by dividing the net asset value of a mutual fund by the number of outstanding shares.

Is higher Navpu better?

A comparative analysis based on NAV between two Mutual Funds to understand which one will be better for your money is baseless. It is actually just a common myth that most investors believe to be true. A High or Low NAV says nothing about the future of your investment.

What is atram GCash?

ATRAM Trust is the first stand-alone trust corporation in the Philippines. It received its license to operate in October 2016 from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). ATRAM Trust provides and manages five (5) funds available on GInvest.

How do you read Navpu?

To read the NAVPU, simply take the NAVPU when you initially put money in and see what the current value is. How fast the NAVPU fluctuates depends on the kind of UITF. The NAVPU takes into account all rates and fees involved.

What is Navps or Navpu?

1 NAVPS: Net Asset Value Per Share. 2 NAVPU: Net Asset Value Per Unit.

What is Navpu and Navps?

What kind of investment is atram?

Generally, there are four broad types of funds in the market: those that invest in stocks (Equity Funds), bonds (Bond funds), short-term debt (Money Market funds) or both stocks and bonds (Balanced Funds)….Basic Fund Types.

Risk Profile Equity Allocation Range
Aggressive 61% to 80% in equities

What is Navpu mutual fund?

Track the latest values of your invested shares or units in the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, Sun Life Asset Management’s suite of mutual funds.

What is atram investment?

As an independent asset manager engaged solely in fund management, ATRAM is focused on delivering superior investment performance and high-quality client service to its clients.

What is the interest rate at atram?

YTD: 0.14% The objective of the Fund is to maximize income and achieve higher returns compared to regular bank deposits while preserving capital by investing in a portfolio of very liquid, fixed income instruments and maintaining an average portfolio duration of 1 year or less.

Is NAV same as stock price?

A stock price reflects an actual sale, a trade of shares between a seller and buyer on some public securities market. A net asset value, or NAV, is the worth of one share in a mutual fund, which holds many securities.

How much should I invest in atram?

Affordability: Investing in funds allows clients full access to the markets at minimal cost. For example, the minimum investment amount for ATRAM Peso-denominated Mutual Funds and UITFs is only PHP 1,000.00.