What does the slang term chimney mean?

What does the slang term chimney mean?

a heavy smoker. Last edited on Sep 02 2009.

Is chimney an adjective?

Chimney can be a noun or a verb.

Why is chimney slang for black eye?

“Chimney” is a Northern Irish slang term for a black eye, which is often believed to be what Maya Days (and, in turn, Heather West) was referring to, but Fargetta dismissed this claim in 2015, insisting he did not even know that was what it meant when the song was recorded.

What does you smoke like a chimney mean?

Definition of smoke like a chimney : to smoke a lot of cigarettes, cigars, etc.

What is the gender of chimney?

Answers (1) Chimney is Neuter gender.

What can go up a chimney down?

What can go up a chimney down, but not down a chimney up? Answer: an umbrella. The first joke I ever “got” was this riddle, told to me by the father of my neighbor and best friend, Karen.

Why do they call it a shiner?

That black eyes, at the dawn of recorded usage of shiner as a slang synonym, were also known as windows, lamps, and gleamers is a strong indication that the reflectiveness or shininess of the skin’s surface was the basis of the slang term.

What is a shiner on the face?

slang A bruise right around one’s eye, especially as the result of a blow or impact; a black eye. The player got quite a shiner after running face-first into that goal post.

Who smokes like chimney?

smoke like a chimney, to To smoke tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, and so on) to excess. Generally stated as a criticism of the smoker, this term, which likens the habit to smoke pouring out of a chimney, has become a cliché owing to increasing disapproval of the tobacco habit. C.

What is blowing smoke?

Synonyms & Antonyms of blowing smoke 1 to praise or express pride in one’s own possessions, qualities, or accomplishments often to excess. He’s been blowing smoke about his accomplishments all afternoon.

What is other words for chimney?

synonyms for chimney

  • fireplace.
  • flue.
  • furnace.
  • hearth.
  • pipe.
  • stack.
  • vent.
  • chase.

What is the synonym of chimney?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for chimney. chimney stack. [British], flue, smokestack.

Why is it called a black eye?

The term, “black eye” comes from the dark coloring of the bruising that occurs underneath the skin around the eye. When a blunt force hits the eye socket, this can cause capillaries in the area to burst, causing hemorrhaging, also known as a hematoma.

Why is a black eye called a mouse?

Cop a Mouse This means to get a “black eye” (a big, dark bruise around your eye and cheekbone, usually because someone punched you). “Cop” is slang for “get” or “catch” and a black eye is roughly the same size and colour as a mouse. So, if you’d “copped a mouse” you’d caught a mouse on your face, i.e. got a black eye!

Has a black eye meaning?

black eye. A mark of shame, a humiliating setback, as in That there are enough homeless folks to need another shelter is a black eye for the administration. This metaphor alludes to having discolored flesh around the eye resulting from a blow.

Why do you call a black eye a shiner?

What does smoking like a chimney mean?

What does it mean when a man blows smoke in a woman’s face?

‘Smoke’ is the key word, with its long association with deception in English and American slang. Stage magicians do it all with ‘smoke and mirrors’ – and at various times and places, to blow smoke, or blow smoke in someone’s face could mean to lie or to boast.

What is pop down?

pop down. Pop Down / Bahamian slang / phrase / 1 : to suddenly or quickly fall low in / lose all of, one’s finances 2: to become depressed(in emotion) from the sudden lack of spendable cash.

What is a chimney sweep log?

Also known as chimney sweep log and chimney sweep fire log. Devices, such as brushes, scrapers, and rods used for the purpose of cleaning chimneys, used by professionals and the “do-it-yourselfer”.

What is a chimney crown?

The chimney crown is usually a concrete piece at the top of the chimney, with a small gap around the clay tile (if installed) for expansion. The cement crown slopes away from the flue to deflect water.

What is a chase chimney?

A chase is a wood-constructed chimney. It has a decorative surrounding that covers the multi-wall insulated metal flue inside the chimney. The box is typically covered with vinyl, aluminum or wood siding, or sometimes simulated stone.