What does Widzenia mean?

What does Widzenia mean?

Translations for „do widzenia“ in the Polish » English Dictionary (Go to English » Polish) do widzenia! good bye! do widzenia! good-bye!

What Polish sounds like to foreigners?

Polish sounds like a light, happy, and melodic version of Russian. Some words tend to have a similar melody to Italian, and many sounds resemble French or Portuguese.

What is dzien Dobry?

It has low formality and can be used as a greeting phrase or as a way of saying goodbye. Dzien dobry (jane-doh-brih) – Good morning/Good afternoon.

What are some Polish slang words that make you laugh?

Puscidupa and klota can make people laugh too. Tresiportka too (one who shakes their kniockers). Also barłoźyć się. My ex used a (village slang) word once (about Renata Beger, who we met at a party) which means a woman who looks ok from a distance but a hag from close up. Wish I could remember it.

What are some funny Polish expressions to learn?

Stick you in a bottle 11. Stuff yourself with hay English: Get lost! Go away! Shut up! 12. It’s a roll with butter 13. I was made into a horse 14. Do you have a snake in your pocket? 15. Don’t call the wolf from the forest Well, now that you know the funny polish expressions, it is the moment to learn some useful words!

What are some Polish nicknames to give to people?

Try barłoźyć się, to canoodle. The Poles are quite good at giving nicknames. There used to be a stern barmaid in one of the city pubs called Stalowa Podpaska, meaning Steel Jamrag.

What are some traditional Polish clever comebacks?

Here are 25 traditional Polish clever comebacks, ingenious insults, sly digs, sweet sayings and funny phrases from some feathered hat-wearing, kielbasa roasting, vodka drinking, mountain climbing, Polka dancing, Slavic squatting, pickle loving ancient Poles. Don’t stir up trouble for no reason.