What else did Darren McGavin play in?

What else did Darren McGavin play in?

McGavin starred in several TV series, including the syndicated “Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer” (1957 to 1959), “Riverboat” (NBC, 1959 to 1961), “The Outsider” (NBC, 1968 to 1969) and the short-lived CBS comedy “Small & Frye” (1983).

What is Darren McGavin best known for?

A remarkably seasoned actor of stage, screen and television, Darren McGavin has notched in excess of 200 performances; however, he is most fondly remembered by cult TV fans as heroic newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak in the classic but short-lived horror TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974).

What year Mustang did Kolchak drive?

Springtime Yellow 1965 Mustang Convertible Darren McGavin in Kolchak : the night stalker. The best late night tv ever.

Is actress Kathy Brown still alive?

April 8, 2003Kathie Browne / Date of death

Was Darren McGavin in It’s a Wonderful Life?

Darren McGavin delivers one of his most memorable performances as the Old Man. Like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” director Bob Clark’s film was a Christmas story that was only moderately successful when first released.

Who played the rakshasa?

Abraham Sofaer
Guest Stars

Actor Role
Abraham Sofaer Rakshasa hunter
Benny Rubin Julius “Buck” Fineman
Shelly Novack York
Barry Gordon Barry

How old was Darren McGavin when he played Kolchak?

83 years (1922–2006)Darren McGavin / Age at death

Where is Darren McGavin buried?

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CADarren McGavin / Place of burial

Who was Darren McGavin’s wife?

Kathie Brownem. 1969–2003
Melanie Yorkm. 1944–1969
Darren McGavin/Wife

Why was Darren McGavin uncredited in the natural?

In the recent retrospective documentary on the Special Edition DVD of this movie, Robert Prosky (the Judge) claimed McGavin was cast late in the picture, and would have received a lesser billing than the other stars. Thus McGavin chose to go uncredited.

Who played the rakshasa in Horror in the Heights?