What engine is in a 1976 MG Midget?

What engine is in a 1976 MG Midget?

1493cc engine
In 1976, the Midget got the 1493cc engine out of the Spitfire.

What engine is in a 1978 MG Midget?

The MG Midget is a small two-seater sports car produced by MG from 1961 to 1979….

MG Midget
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Engine MkI: 948 cc A-Series I4 MkII: 1.1L (1098 cc) A-Series I4 MkIII: 1.3L (1275 cc) A-Series I4 MkIV: 1.5L (1493 cc) Standard SC I4

Are MG Midgets reliable?

The brakes on these little cars are very reliable when in good condition. Drum brakes all round on the early cars, and disc / drum combination on all models from the 1098cc engine onwards. Bad maintenance and worn parts can lead one into thinking that the brakes need up rating.

How much horsepower does a 1978 MG Midget have?

Engine manufacturer: Triumph
Displacement: 1493 cm3 / 90.9 cui
What power?
Horsepower net: 37.5 kW / 51 PS / 50 hp (SAE net)
/ 5000

What engine is in a 1979 MG Midget?

For 1979, the U.S.-market Midget had big plastic bumpers, jacked-up ride height (to meet Uncle Sam’s headlight regulations), and the single-carb 1,493cc engines out of the Triumph Spitfire. Fifty horsepower, which was sufficient to make this tiny 1,826-pound car feel a lot quicker than it really was.

What is a 1972 MG Midget worth?

The MG Midget 1972 is priced from $6,700 for Convertible Midget Sports.

What engine is in the MG?

There are two petrol engine options only, and the entry-level is the 1.5-litre four-cylinder model. This engine is only available with a five-speed manual gearbox, and it drives the front wheels as the ZS has no 4×4 option.