What episode does Dwight do a fake fire drill?

What episode does Dwight do a fake fire drill?

One of The Office’s best cold opens is the fire drill scene in the season 5 episode “Stress Relief,” which aired after the Super Bowl in 2009. The episode begins with a frantic scene that unfolds after Dwight stages an elaborate fire drill, ending with Stanley suffering a heart attack.

What episode of The Office is Dwight’s fire safety?

Stress Relief
Dwight’s too-realistic fire alarm gives Stanley a heart attack.

What episode of The Office is the CPR dummy?

Arguably, one of the best of them happened in the season 5 episode “Stress Relief,” where office manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) arranges a CPR training session for his staff that goes horrifyingly awry.

Which office episode is the fire?

The Fire (The Office)

“The Fire”
The Office episode
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 4
Directed by Ken Kwapis
Written by B. J. Novak

When did The Office fire drill episode air?

On February 1, 2009, nearly 100 million Americans sat down to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers squeak out a 27- to-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. The second it ended, the action went from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, to Dunder Mifflin for a special double episode of The Office.

How did Dwight start the fire?

Dwight emerges, coughing, from the building and reveals that the fire was started by Ryan, who left a cheese pita in the toaster-oven set to “oven” instead of “toaster”. Dwight and Michael mock Ryan and dub him “The Fire Guy” by doing a song parody of the Billy Joel song “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.

Who actually started the fire The Office?

What about no arms or legs Kevin?

Kevin Malone : I would want to live with no legs. Michael Scott : How about no arms? No arms or legs is basically how you exist right now, Kevin. You don’t do anything.

How many is that per hour the office?

The Office Season 5 Quotes – Stress Relief – Quote #2316

Red Cross woman: Everyone, we need to pump at a pace of one hundred beats per minute.
Michael Scott: Ohhhkay that’s, uh, hard to keep track. How many is that per hour?
Jim Halpert: How’s that going to help you?
Michael Scott: I’ll divide and then count to it.

Who is the face of the CPR dummy?

Peter Safar and Asmund Laerdal, the creators of the first aid mannequin Resusci Anne, chose the Seine woman’s death mask as the face of the CPR doll. As the mannequin was used for millions of CPR courses throughout history, “L’Inconnue de la Sine” has been dubbed “the most kissed face” of all time.