What episode is the Pain arc?

What episode is the Pain arc?

episodes 152 to 169
This arc sees Pain’s attack on Konohagakure to find Naruto Uzumaki. It spans through volumes 45 to 48, or more specifically, covers chapters 413 to 453 of the manga and episodes 152 to 169, as well as episodes 172 to 175 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime with two stand-alone episodes shown in the interim.

Is Pain arc the best arc?

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Pain’s Invasion is arguably the most iconic arc in the entire Naruto series and what many fans consider the very peak of Masashi Kishimoto’s masterpiece. The arc sees the leader of the Akatsuki and Amegakure, Pain, take it upon himself to retrieve the Nine-Tails from Konohagakure.

Which episode Naruto fights Pain?

Naruto and Pain’s fight began in episode 163, titled “Explosion! sage mode”, and ended in episode 169, titled “The Two Students.” This battle, which lasted six episodes, was one of the best in the entire Naruto franchise, where we witnessed the power of the Perfect Toad Sage Mode.

What Naruto series is Pain in?

the Naruto: Shippuden anime series
The eighth season of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo. The eighth season aired from March to August 2010. The season follows the Akatsuki leader Pain invading the Leaf Village and attempting to kidnap Naruto Uzumaki.

Which Naruto arc is best?

Naruto: The 10 Best Arcs In The Whole Franchise, Ranked

  1. 1 Pain’s Assault.
  2. 2 Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant.
  3. 3 The Chunin Exam.
  4. 4 The Fourth Shinobi World War.
  5. 5 Akatsuki’s Suppression Mission.
  6. 6 The Fated Battle Between Brothers.
  7. 7 The Five Kage Summit.
  8. 8 The Search For Tsunade.

What are 6 paths of Pain?

Nagato created the Six Paths of Pain after he was left crippled during a battle with Hanzō….

  • 壱 (1) – Deva Path.
  • 弐 (2) – Asura Path.
  • 参 (3) – Human Path.
  • 四 (4) – Animal Path.
  • 五 (5) – Preta Path.
  • 六 (6) – Naraka Path.

How did Madara get rinnegan?

Madara had bit off a piece of Hashirama’s flesh during the battle. After he came back alive, he went into hiding, planting a clone in his tomb. Then he surgically attached the flesh onto his body and waited. Near the end of his natural life, he awoke the Rinnegan in both eyes.

What episode does Naruto kill pain?

Naruto shows up at the Leaf Village in season 8 at the end of episode 162 which is titled “ Pain to the World ”. Naruto was at Mt. Myoboku learning Sage Mode to specifically fight Pain and defeat him. He was being trained by Lord Fukasaku who taught Jiraiya Sage Mode as well.

What is Naruto vs pain?

– The only genjutsu working on Pain being a sage powered Audio genjutsu – Obito directly believes himself Pain’s inferior – The Rinnegan’s proven immunity to the most powerful visual genjutsu ever – A confirmed visual genjutsu user stating he cannot defeat Pain – Itachi stating his genjutsu doesn’t work on Dojutsu.

How did Naruto Uzumaki defeat pain?

Naruto used the senjutsu chakra to disrupt the Preta Path’s airflow flow. That was turning it into a frog statue before finally facing the Deva Path, Pain’s final and most often used body. Pain promptly freed the giant toads and gained the other hand, killing Fukasaku in the procedure.

Will Naruto beat pain?

Naruto: 5 Characters You Didn’t Know Could Beat Pain (& 5 Who Stand No Chance Against Him) Even someone as strong as the Legendary Sannin ended falling to Pain, however, that’s not to say he’s unbeatable in the world of Naruto. By Rei Penber Published Aug 19, 2020