What happened to son of Duras?

What happened to son of Duras?

In the computer game Star Trek: Armada, Toral returns in yet another attempt to take over the Empire, but is defeated by Sela with help from the Borg and was killed.

Who played Toral son of Duras?

Rick Pasqualone
Rick Pasqualone appeared as Toral, son of Duras, in “The Sword of Kahless”. Originally, the character, played by JD Cullum, was introduced in the TNG two-part episode “Redemption”, when he sought the leadership of the Klingon High Council alongside his aunts Lursa and B’Etor.

Who is Duras father?

As the son of Ja’rod, the greatest rival of Worf’s father Mogh, Duras was his powerful house’s namesake and representative on the Klingon High Council by 2366 and led the cover-up of his father’s treachery in the Romulan massacre of the Khitomer outpost 20 years earlier.

Is Gowron a changeling?

Sisko approaches Starfleet Command with Odo’s suspicion that Gowron, the Klingon leader, is really one of Odo’s people — a Changeling. Sisko is then instructed to expose the Changeling.

Do the Klingons have an emperor?

The Klingon emperor was the emperor and highest position of power in the Klingon Empire. In early Klingon history, the emperors were dynastic and descendants of Kahless the Unforgettable.

Who played Duras in enterprise?

Patrick Massett (born 6 March 1962; age 60) is the actor, director, writer, and producer who portrayed the Klingon Duras in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third and fourth season episodes “Sins of the Father” and “Reunion”.

Who is the Klingon god?

In the Star Trek science fiction universe, Kahless (pronounced: /keɪ̯. lɛs/ [kay-les] or /keɪ̯. lɪs/ [kay-lis]; pIqaD letters: “qeylIS”) is a messianic figure in Klingon history, who unified the Klingon people and became emperor after three centuries of there being no one holding the title.

What is Torally?

Definition of toral : of or relating to the torus of a flower.