What is a Bullitt package on a Mustang?

What is a Bullitt package on a Mustang?

The Bullitt Mustang is loaded with slight body changes and special features to improve its performance and handling, as well as mimic the throaty sound of the original GT 390 Fastback in the movie. Compared to the regular Mustang, the Bullitt edition has: Lower ground clearance. Performance-grade shocks (Tokico brand)

How much is a Bullitt Mustang worth today?

The 1968 Bullitt Mustang sells for $3,740,000 at Mecum Kissimmee 2020 and captures the crown for most valuable Ford Mustang in the world.

What is the Bullitt electronics package?

Third is the Bullitt Electronics Package, which adds a navigation system, a premium sound system, a blind spot monitoring system with rear cross-traffic alert, and memory for the driver’s seat and mirrors.

What makes the Mustang Bullitt special?

Mustang Bullitt Engine & Performance of torque. It’s paired with a six-speed manual transmission for smooth driving. You’ll have the option of three different modes with the Ford Bullitt. These drive modes are Normal, Snow/Wet, Sport, Track or Drag Strip.

How many Bullitt Mustangs were built?

The Bullitt Mustang was offered in only three colors: Dark Highland Green (the same shade of green used in the famous movie “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen), Black, and True Blue. Total production was 5,582 units (3,041 Dark Highland Green, 1,819 Black, and 722 True Blue).

Is the Bullitt Mustang worth it?

The 2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt looks beautiful, handles well, and boasts iconic styling — but it also comes in at $8,000 higher than the Mustang GT Premium, without much extra performance for the price.

How many Bullitt Mustangs were made 2020?

Administrator. There is no confirmed number from Ford, but based on the various chassis plates seen on social media, it’s safe to bet on at least 8000 2019s and 3500 2020s. These are worldwide numbers.

Does Mustang Bullitt have Tremec?

Unlike the Bullitt, the Mach 1 utilizes Tremec’s TR-3160 six-speed manual transmission borrowed from the GT350 instead of the GT’s Getrag-built box and will also offer a 10-speed automatic ($1595) that wasn’t available in the Bullitt.