What is a docked ship in StarMade?

What is a docked ship in StarMade?

Docking is the process of attaching one ship to another entity in StarMade. Docked ships gain various benefits such as sharing power, shielding, and even homebase invulnerability.

How do I create a static dock in StarMade?

In StarMade, static docking and linear movement can both be done with a single type of block, the Rail Basic. If you wish to create a static dock where a docked ship does not move then all that is needed is to place a single Rail basic down in the desired direction and orientation.

How do I Dock my ship in Star Citizen?

All docking in the game requires the use of the Rail Docker and the various rail blocks. Using the Rail system players are able to not only create static docks for their ships but also fully mobile platforms. Ships docked to a rail network will move accordingly depending on the type of rail block used and its direction.

How to increase the speed of a docked ship?

One of the only systems that a docked entity shares with its parent is thrust. Clever shipwrights should stacks Thruster Modules into their Turrets to subtly increased the speed of the larger ships they will be attached to.

Can you dock with other ships in Star Citizen?

Any Ship Core driven entity has the capacity to be attached to another entity be it a Space Station, Asteroid, or even another Ship. Players can also attach any number of ships on to each other creating massive chain docks. All docking in the game requires the use of the Rail Docker and the various rail blocks.

How do I use the docking module?

The docking module is a block that can dock ships. It must have an unobstructed area in front of it though (Indicated by if the block is green or red, red meaning it is obstructed, green meaning it is active.). To select which side is the front, use advanced building mode (activated by pressing the left CTRL key).