What is a good time for cross country 5K?

What is a good time for cross country 5K?

The average finishing time was 16:40, but the average first mile was 5:05 or roughly 15:47 pace.

What is the fastest 5K high school time?

Dathan Ritzenhein – Rockford High (Mich.) The top boys’ runner in the country ran the nation’s fastest 5K time this year, on Sept. 9 at the Bath Invitational in Bath, Mich. The senior won the race with a time of 14:44, improving on his own nation’s-best mark of 14:58, set on Aug. 26.

What is the high school girls 5K record?

Girls High School Records

Track Events
100 10.94 Kingston, Jamaica
3000 9:00.16i Seattle, Washington
2 Miles 9:38.68i Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts
5000 15:34.47 Columbia, South Carolina

How fast should a 14 year old run a 5K?

According to Letsrun posters, about 14:30 is the cutoff for being good as a 14 year old. But if you run that fast, you’re considered to either be lying about your age, too physically mature and will never improve, or a drug cheat.

What’s a respectable 5k time?

Everyday runners can aim to complete a mile in about 9 to 12 minutes. This means you’ll finish a 5K in about 28 to 37 minutes. Walkers can expect to complete a mile in about 15 to 20 minutes. Walking at a brisk pace should enable you to finish a 5K at around the hour mark.

Who is the fastest female cross country runner?

On September 22, 2018, at the Ocean State Invitational, Tuohy ran the fastest American girls cross country 5K ever with a time of 16:06.87, lowering the course record by 88 seconds, and leading her team to victory.

How fast do you need to run a 5K to go D1?

Division 1 track and field recruiting standards

Event D1 Top D1 Low
800m 1:47.14 1:58.49
1500m 3:45.75 4:16.77
1600m 4:05.89 4:27.80
5K XC 13:58.20 15:52

What is the average freshman 5K time?

There are many elite freshman runner in the nation the best being 15:36. Your time of 16:57 ranks about 500th in the nation for freshman.