What is a smart palate?

What is a smart palate?

The SmartPalate is a powerful visual feedback tool that allows clients to monitor their lip and tongue movements. in real time.

What is EPG speech therapy?

Electropalatography, also known as EPG, is a device that can be used to identify the location of the tongue and hard palate contact. It can also be used by a speech therapist to help patients who have a speech disorder. Among the group with the disease are cleft palate, Down syndrome, glossectomy, and autism patients.

Can hard palate heal?

Repair can be accomplished with either primary repair or with rotational flaps. There are many reports of spontaneous healing of the palate, even with large, gaping perforations.

What does a healthy palate look like?

Hard palate Visual inspection with a penlight shows a healthy palate as whitish in color, with a firm texture and irregular transverse rugae.

How is Nasalance measured?

The term nasalance usually refers to this ratio as a percentage: An/(Am+An)X100 or OralanceOralance is a measure of the degree of velopharyngeal opening in voiced speech formed by computing the ratio of the amplitude of acoustic energy at the mouth, Am, to the sum of the amplitudes of the acoustic energy at the mouth …

What procedures use a Nasometer?

Nasometry is a computer-based procedure used to measure the acoustic correlates of resonance and audible nasal emission. As such, nasometry provides indirect information regarding the function of the velopharyngeal valve ( Fig.

How long does it take for hard palate to heal?

It can take up to a week for the skin in your mouth to heal. While your mouth is healing, avoid food with sharp edges like chips, which can aggravate the roof of your mouth. Spicy foods, citrus, mint, and alcohol can also irritate the burn.

Does high palate affect speech?

One such problem is speech difficulties and articulation errors. High-arched palate associated with cleft palate repair affects phonation and articulation by affecting the approximation of its surface with the tongue. This results in unintelligible and hypernasal sound production.

Can the roof of your mouth collapse?

The back of the throat, known as the soft palate, can collapse. This makes it difficult for air to move freely through the throat. Penn Medicine is one of the few health systems in the country offering transpalatal advancement pharyngoplasty for soft palate collapse.

What is the nasometer SNAP test?

The Nasometer is a computer-based instrument that provides feedback regarding oral–nasal balance during speech by measuring the relative amount of oral and nasal sound intensity throughout speech production.

What is the purpose of the Cape V?

The Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V) was developed as a tool for clinical auditory-perceptual assessment of voice. Its primary purpose is to describe the severity of auditory-perceptual attributes of a voice problem, in a way that can be communicated among clinicians.

What is the reason for the 100 mm line on the Cape V?

The CAPE-V displays each attribute accompanied by a 100-mm line forming a visual analog scale (VAS). The clinician indicates the degree of perceived deviance from normal for each parameter on this scale, using a tick mark. For each dimension, scalar extremes are unlabeled.