What is back bar refrigerator?

What is back bar refrigerator?

Back bar refrigeration is used in restaurants, hotels, casinos and bars across the globe for storage and easy access of bottles, canned beverages and other products.

What size should an under counter fridge be?

Undercounter Refrigerator Dimensions A undercounter refrigerator is only 34 inches high at the most. You can get an undercounter refrigerator that ranges from 20-24 inches wide and depths of 18- 26 inches. When measuring the area your undercounter fridge will go, don’t forget to ½ inch of breathing space.

Does a bar fridge need ventilation?

– Ventilation, most of these fridges require minimal ventilation, the underbench Rhino and Schmick styles have a system where they are vented from the front, so fitting snugly inside a cabinet is what they have been designed for, there is a massive difference between 100% built in and ‘semi built in’, it’s important to …

What are the Backbar equipment?

Underbar Equipment

  • Glass washers.
  • Ice Bins.
  • Cocktail Stations.
  • Liquor Displays.
  • Underbar Sinks.
  • Glass Rack Storage.
  • Blender Stations.
  • Speed Rails.

How wide is a mini fridge?

about 18 inches to 22 inches
Countertop mini fridges typically range in height from about 17 inches to 21 inches, in width from about 18 inches to 22 inches, and in depth from about 17 inches to 22 inches.

Are all under counter fridges the same size?

Every under-counter fridge has a standard height of 82cm and a standard width of 60cm.

How do I stop condensation on my bar fridge?

Heated Glass – The only way to 100% stop condensation on glass is heated glass. This uses a film that is electrically charged at low voltage with power of about 50-65Watt, so this actually at a minimum doubles the energy consumption of the unit, most are 3 times the energy.

How much ventilation does a mini fridge need?

It is recommended that a ventilation path of at least 200cm2 is provided to flow over the rear of the unit (for example, a 5cm deep channel across the entire width of the fridge would be suitable).

Can beverage fridge be used as a refrigerator?

A wine and beverage refrigerator can be adjusted to a wide range of temperatures so it may be used for either, but keep in mind if you want to store both at the same time you will either have too-cold wine or too-warm drinks depending on how you choose to set the internal thermostat.

What equipment is under a bar?

“Underbar equipment” refers to a variety of products used in the food service industry (sinks, displays, cabinets, mixology stations, etc.) designed to be placed under a bar.

What equipment goes under a bar?

Consider your budget and space so you maximize efficiency.

  • Bar Coolers and Refrigeration. There are lots of options for bar coolers and refrigerators.
  • Bar Blender or Frozen Drink Machines.
  • Draft Beer Dispensers.
  • Underbar Sinks.
  • Ice Machines.
  • Commercial Glass Washer Machines.
  • Point of Sale Software.

What size is a bar fridge?

Typical bar fridge dimensions are: 430 – 2230mm (4 door) wide – (20 – 88″) 475 – 1800mm high – (19 – 71″) 450 – 700mm deep – (18 – 28″)

What is the standard size of an under counter mini fridge?

Mini-fridges vary in size, with small fridges measuring 17″ in width, 18 ⅞” in depth, and 20 ½” in height. Larger fridges can measure up to 19″ in width, 20″ in depth, and 43″ in height. The larger ones have features such as freezers and crispers, while the small ones are essentially chilled cubes.

Can a true under counter refrigerator be used outside?

Whether indoors or outdoors, the True® Undercounter Refrigerator gives you complete cooling flexibility wherever you need it. A testament to the quality of this line, the glass door version of the True Undercounter Refrigerator is the only glass door model in the industry that is also UL rated for outdoor use.

How to choose the right under bar fridge for your outlet?

Solid door commercial under bar fridges tend to be more energy efficient and conceal their contents and maintain a cleaner appearance in your outlet. You can choose a narrow back bar cooler to suit your needs, or a larger unit if you have ample space in your outlet.

How do I choose the best back bar beer fridge?

Choosing the best back bar beer fridge all narrows down to the door style, door type, unit length, top type, exterior finish, and specific product features. Our selection includes units with sliding, swing, glass, and solid door models to accommodate a wide range of bar setups.

What is a beverage refrigerator?

This beverage refrigerator allows you to store wine, champagne, or any other drink, making it a great choice. . With a retro design and modern touch, this beverage refrigerator is perfect for a modern home.