What is export control means?

What is export control means?

Export Controls are Federal laws restricting the transfer of goods and technology to and the performance of services for persons and entities outside the United States.

What does the export control Act do?

Export control laws are in place to protect U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic interests without imposing undue regulatory burdens on legitimate international trade. An export control license is the U.S. government mechanism to allow and trace transfers of export controlled technologies.

What is an export control position?

Export controls are a set of federal regulations that aim to protect U.S. national-security interests by restricting the transfer of items and information with military capabilities to entities outside the United States.

What is subject to export control?

Basically, any research activity may be subject to export controls if it involves the actual export or “deemed” export of any goods, technology, or related technical data that is either 1) “dual use” (commercial in nature with possible military application) or 2) inherently military in nature.

Why is export control required?

Export controls usually arise for one or more of the following reasons: The nature of the export has actual or potential military applications or economic protection issues. Government concerns about the destination country, organization, or individual.

What are the objectives of export control?

The U.S. export laws and regulations aim at achieving various objectives, such as preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, advancing the U.S. economic interests at home and abroad, aiding regional stability, implementing anti-terrorism and crime controls, and protecting human rights.

Why do we need export control?

Australia’s export control policies are in place to enable the export of defence and strategic goods where it is consistent with Australia’s national interests and international obligations.

Where is the University of Pennsylvania’s University export controls Conference?

The University of Pennsylvania is pleased to host the 2022 annual University Export Controls Conference at the Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel May 3-4, 2022.

What is the page size limit for exportexport compliance program conferences?

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What is the export compliance training institute?

The Export Compliance Training Institute, Inc. (ECTI, Inc.) provides comprehensive training programs on the reformed EAR, ITAR, and OFAC regulations for industry, government, and universities/research institutions.

What is export compliance essentials?

Export compliance essentials for industry, governments and institutions. Covering current and compelling trade compliance issues. Practical and comprehensive export compliance training – on your schedule, at your convenience. New to Compliance? Compliance with export controls is achievable when you start with the basics.