What is Oracle 9i database?

What is Oracle 9i database?

Oracle9i offers the most secure internet platform available to protect company information with multiple layers of security for data, users, and companies.

What are the features of Oracle 9i?

2 Oracle9i Database New Features

  • Availability.
  • Scalability.
  • Performance.
  • Security.
  • Manageability.
  • Development Platform for E-Business Applications.
  • Windows Integration.
  • Internet Content Management.

What is V PDBS?

V$PDBS displays information about PDBs associated with the current instance. Column. Datatype.

What is G stands for in Oracle 11g?

grid computing
Version 11g of the Oracle Database, which included built-in testing for changes, the capability of viewing tables back in time, superior compression of all types of data and enhanced disaster recovery functions. The “g” stood for “grid computing,” which supports clusters of servers that are treated as a single unit.

What is the difference between Oracle 11g and 12c?

Oracle 12c is just upgraded version of the Oracle 11g with some new features like cloud support and pluggable database, kind of like master slave architecture. With the Oracle 12 c, you can plug your database to cloud anytime. It has multiple new features like JSON support, multitenant architecture and etc.

How do I connect to PDBS?

Establishing a connection using user defined services involves the following steps:

  1. Create a database service with PDB property using the SRVCTL utility.
  2. Create an entry in the tnsnames. ora file for the service created.
  3. Start the service.
  4. Connect to the database using the service with the pdb property, created in step a.

What is different about V Datafile and Dba_data_files?

Moreover, dba_data_file is a data dictionary view which is static and will hold the data across startup and shutdown while v$datafile is a dynamic performance view which is populated with the new information at each startup. Information in the dynamic performance views comes from control file and memory structures.

What is the use of V SQL?

V$SQL lists statistics on shared SQL area without the GROUP BY clause and contains one row for each child of the original SQL text entered. Statistics displayed in V$SQL are normally updated at the end of query execution. However, for long running queries, they are updated every 5 seconds.

What is ism Oracle?

Interactive Signal Management (ISM) allows you to set up, validate, refresh, and update the signal configuration yourself. For new cloud implementations, Oracle pre-installs interactive signal configurations as applicable for the selected data subscriptions.

What should be the SGA size in Oracle?

SGA Sizing Unit If the SGA size is less than 1 GB, then the granule size is 4MB. If the SGA size is greater than 1 GB, the granule size changes to 16MB. The granule size is calculated and fixed when the database instance starts up. The size does not change during the lifetime of the instance.

How do I connect to a 9i database?

Starting the Oracle 9i database

  1. Complete one of the following steps:
  2. Check whether ORACLE_SID is octigate.
  3. Start the SQL command-prompt: sqlplus ” / as sysdba”
  4. Connect to the octigate database: connect internal.
  5. Start the octigate database: startup.
  6. Exit from Server Manager Command-prompt mode: quit.

What is difference between Oracle 9i and 10g?

Oracle 9i. Oracle 10g has higher system requirements than Oracle 9i. Both versions have excellent features. The main difference between the two is that Oracle 10g is a higher version than Oracle 9i and has many added features that enhance the features of Oracle 9i while some old features may have been abandoned.

What version is oracle11g?

Releases and versions

Oracle Database Version Initial Release Version Terminal Patchset / RU Version
Oracle Database 11g Release 1
Oracle Database 11g Release 2
Oracle Database 12c Release 1
Oracle Database 12c Release 2

What is DISM in Oracle?

Dynamic Intimate Shared Memory (DISM) allows a database to dynamically extend or reduce the size of the shared data segment. This feature eliminates the misconfiguration problem and denial-of-service security vulnerability of Intimate Shared Memory (ISM).

How do I start an iSM service?

To download the latest version of iSM:

  1. Navigate to Dell.com/support and select the server model or enter the service tag.
  2. Select Drivers & downloads.
  3. Select the Operating System for your system.
  4. Keyword iSM.
  5. Download the latest revision provided for Dell EMC iDRAC Service Module.

What is difference between SGA and PGA Oracle?

A PGA is created by Oracle when a server process is started. The information in a PGA depends on the Oracle configuration. SGA (System Global Area) is an area of memory (RAM) allocated when an Oracle Instance starts up. The SGA’s size and function are controlled by initialization (INIT.

What is SGA_Target and Sga_max_size?

The Oracle sga_max_size parameter sets the hard limit up to which sga_target can dynamically adjust sizes. Usually, sga_max_size and sga_target will be the same value, but there may be times when you want to have the capability to adjust for peak loads.

How do I install Oracle 9i on Windows 7 64 bit?

I used the Oracle 9i(32 Bit) s/w installation kit having 3 CDs…..

  1. Download OEL 5. x version from e-delivery.
  2. Create VM machine(make googling you can find many good site)
  3. Use your OEL software and create Vm linux machine on your win7 laptop.
  4. Install 11g and use it for your purpose.

What is difference between Oracle 9i and 10g and 11g?

What is Oracle 9i 10g and 11g?

Oracle 9i added more support for XML in 2001. Oracle 10g, 11g. 10g and 11g stands for GRID. Starting in 2003 with version 10g and 11g, G signifies “Grid Computing” with the release of Oracle10g in 2003.

What is Oracle SE1 and SE2?

Feature Availability by Edition Table 1-1 lists feature availability for Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1), Standard Edition (SE), Standard Edition 2 (SE2), and Enterprise Edition (EE). The Y value in a column means that the feature is available in the specified release; N means that it is unavailable.

What is difference between 12c and 19c?

Oracle Database 18c is Oracle 12c Release 2 (12.2. 0.2). Oracle Database 19c is the long-term support release, with premier support planned through March 2023 and extended support through March 2026. Oracle 19c is essentially Oracle 12c Release 2 (12.2.

What is OSM Solaris?

Starting with 12c, Oracle Database uses the Optimized Shared Memory (OSM) model of Oracle Solaris on Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 or later and Oracle Solaris 11 SRU 7.5 or later systems to implement Automatic Memory Management. OSM allows dynamic resizing of System Global Area (SGA) without restarting the instance.

Is Oracle a database software?

Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications. Enterprise grid computing creates large pools of industry-standard, modular storage and servers.

What time is ISM data release?

The Services ISM Report On Business® is released on the third business day of the month at 10:00 a.m. (EST). The Hospital ISM Report On Business® is released on the fifth business day of the month at 10:00 a.m. (EST).

How is PMI calculated ISM?

The composite manufacturing index is calculated by taking an equal 20% weighting for five categories of questions on new orders, production, employment, supplier deliveries, and inventories. The PMI has been calculated and published monthly since 1948 by the ISM, a not-for-profit professional association.