What is the advantage of free basics?

What is the advantage of free basics?

1. Free Basics provides essential services: While many people use social media and the internet for entertainment, access to mobile internet can better lives. From times of civil unrest to natural disasters, social media platforms such as FB use the power of connectivity to find survivors and raise money for aid.

What is Facebook’s free Basics program?

One of the most notorious ones is Facebook’s Free Basics initiative. Free Basics is both an application and website that provides free of data charges access to a variety of basic services like news, weather and health information, job ads, and of course, Facebook.

Is Facebook free in India?

In February 2015, Facebook’s Free Basics platform was launched in India by Internet.org, a partnership between Facebook and six mobile service and device companies. The platform was meant not only to enable Internet access on a smartphone but also to deliver low-cost Internet connectivity to the masses.

Which countries have Free Basics?

Most of the apps featured inside Free Basics are US and UK-based, with only one or two local options. Although Facebook offers its Free Basics to 63 countries, the report only contains data from Columbia, Mexico, the Philippines, Ghana, Pakistan, and Kenya.

Why did Free Basics fail in India?

Facebook’s free-but-restricted internet service, Free Basics, has been banned in India after the country’s national telecoms regulator ruled that the program and others like it infringe the principles of net neutrality.

What is Facebook Free Basics India?

In February 2016, regulators banned the Free Basics service in India based on “Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services Regulations”….

Mission statement “Connecting the world”
Type of project Affordable access to Internet services
Products Free Basics Express Wi-Fi
Founder Facebook

How can I use Free Basics?

Free Basics

  1. Insert a SIM card by yourlocal participating operator.
  2. Turn on mobile data in your phone’s settings.
  3. Go to the internet on your phone.
  4. Type www.freebasics.com, if you have an Android, you can also download the Free Basics by Facebook app from the Google Play store.
  5. Accept the terms.

Why did Indian activists criticize Facebook’s Free Basics program?

Yet the Free Basics program was controversial from the start in India, where critics accused Facebook of creating a “walled garden” for poor users that allowed them access to only a portion of the web that Facebook controlled.

Is Free Basics still working?

On February 8, 2016, TRAI banned the Free Basics service in India based on “Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services Regulations, 2016” notification. On February 11, 2016 Facebook withdrew the Free Basics platform from India.

Where is Free Basics banned?