What is the biggest heist in Payday 2?

What is the biggest heist in Payday 2?

1 Hoxton Breakout Hoxton is one of the best characters in Payday 2, and in this heist, the Payday 2 story expands on a massive scale.

What is the fastest heist in Payday 2?

Jewelry Store
Jewelry Store is a one-day heist in PAYDAY 2. Contracted by Bain, it involves the crew staging a smash-and-grab of a jewelry store. It is notable for being the fastest heist to speedrun, as well as being the cheapest to buy as a contract.

What is the hardest heist in PAYDAY 2?

Goat sim is hell.

  • Mallcrasher can be stealthed.
  • Cursed kill room might as well be afk’d.
  • Border Crossing garnered many votes for a relatively new heist.
  • Hoxton Revenge should have gotten more votes.
  • I hope this helps everyone.
  • What heist in Payday 2 gives the most XP?

    The most notorious XP farming heist known amongst the Payday community is ‘Cook-Off. ‘ In this mission, you and your crew are responsible for cooking and securing meth. The amount of meth you can gather in this mission is practically limitless. It is possible to attain up to 1,200 bags of meth, theoretically speaking.

    How do you get Overdrill in Payday 2?

    Overdrill. Solve the PAYDAY secret on Overkill 145+ with any mask and gain access to the Overvault. You will have to have played the heist from the start. And now normal difficulty also can access the overvault!

    Is there a replacement avatar for Heist II – Greed is Hell?

    Congratulations ! Heist II – Greed is Hell has sent a replacement avatar. Would you like to use this image as your Kongregate avatar? Register or Sign in to save this avatar.

    How do I download The Heist 2 walkthrough?

    If you get stuck or have questions, right-click and choose “download walkthrough”, this will bring you to the Heist II walkthrough. NOTE: There will be an update for this coming within the next few months to correct some minor bugs and adding extra content, enjoy!

    Will there be more death traps in Heist 2?

    More death traps will be added as well. Until then, enjoy the game! Heist II is the sequel to the original point n’ click adventure where you play as a thief determined to find & escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house.