What is the difference between Bluetooth Wi-Fi and WiMAX?

What is the difference between Bluetooth Wi-Fi and WiMAX?

Basically, the main difference between them is that Bluetooth is primarily used to connect devices without using cables, whereas WiMAX is Worldwide Inter-portability for Microwave Access.

What is difference between WLAN and WiMAX?

The most fundamental difference between WLAN and WiMAX is that they are designed for totally different applications. WLAN is the standard to provide moderate to high- speed data communications in a short range; WiMAX is the standard to provide Internet access over a long range outdoor environment.

Which type of network does WiMAX use?

WiMAX refers to interoperable implementations of the IEEE 802.16 family of wireless-networks standards ratified by the WiMAX Forum. (Similarly, Wi-Fi refers to interoperable implementations of the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN standards certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.)

Is WiMax similar to Wi-Fi?

The primary differences between Wi-Fi and WiMax can be easily summed up in looking at their uses. Wi-Fi is the wireless standard used to build wireless LANs, while WiMax was primarily used by carriers to build wireless metropolitan area networks before it was largely eclipsed by LTE.

Is WiMax a LAN?

Both IEEE 802.11, which includes Wi-Fi, and IEEE 802.16, which includes WiMAX, define Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and wireless ad hoc networks, where an end user communicates to users or servers on another Local Area Network (LAN) using its access point or base station.

Where is WiMAX used in India?

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology, can provide a speed of up to 37 mbps. It is being deployed in Kerala with 900 BTS (Base Transmitting Stations) to cover the entire state, Principal General Manager, BSNL, Ernakulam, E M Abraham said.

What is WiMAX explain?

WiMAX, the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology aimed at providing wireless data over long distances in a variety of ways, from point-to-point links to full mobile cellular type access.

What is WiMAX system?

What is the purpose of WiMAX?

The primary purpose of WiMax is to offer wireless broadband. Originally, it was used to provide broadband to places where there was no wired infrastructure. This is how most of the 350 deployments throughout the world use the technology today.

Is WiMAX used today?

WiMAX is currently being used by operators across the world precisely for this purpose. Today, you can find WiMAX embedded in many devices including USB dongles, WiFi devices, laptops, and cellular phones. WiMAX is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard family, and meets all the requirements for personal broadband.