What is the longest kick return in NCAA history?

What is the longest kick return in NCAA history?

College Football Player Stats – Longest Kickoff Return

Rank Player Value
1 Brennan Presley 100
1 Nikko Reed 100
1 Jalen Virgil 100
1 Marcus Jones 100

What is the longest run in NCAA history?

Kansas’ ongoing streak is the longest in NCAA history, currently five years longer than North Carolina’s run of 27-straight appearances from 1975 through 2001. This Kansas streak really begins in the 1980s. In 1988, Larry Brown coached Kansas to a national championship.

Who has the longest punt return?

Here is a look at some of the longest punt returns taken all the way. Robert Bailey’s unique 103-yard return for the Rams.

  • Bailey, not even a regular punt returner, holds a record that likely will never be broken.
  • Harris smartly scooped up the ball and took it back 99 yards for the score.
  • What is the most lopsided game in college football history?

    On October 7, 1916, Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland University, 222-0, in the most lopsided game in college football history. Coached by John Heisman, later namesake of college football’s most famous trophy, Georgia Tech takes a 63-0 lead in the first quarter at Grant Field in Atlanta.

    Who has the most sacks in NCAA history?

    The unofficial NCAA sack record is held by Alabama’s Derrick Thomas and Arizona’s Tedy Bruschi. Both players were credited with 52 sacks by their schools during their playing careers.

    What is the longest punt ever recorded?

    On September 21, 1969, Jets rookie punter Steve O’Neal booted the longest punt in NFL history–a 98-yard blast against the Broncos.

    Has there ever been a punt return for a touchdown in Super Bowl history?

    Kickoff returns are different There have been no punt returns for touchdowns in Super Bowl history, but 10 players have returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the big game.

    Has a 15 seed ever made it to the final 4?

    That factoid obviously means that no 15-seed has ever made the Final Four, giving the Peacocks yet another opportunity to make history should it spring yet another upset in Philadelphia this evening. Since the the tourney expanded to 64 in 1985, the highest seed to make the Final Four has been an 11-seed.

    What is the biggest blowout in college football history?

    Georgia Tech football game was the most lopsided in the history of college American football, with Georgia Tech winning 222–0. The game was played on October 7, 1916, between the Georgia Tech Engineers and Cumberland College Bulldogs at Grant Field (now a part of Bobby Dodd Stadium) in Atlanta.

    What are the most unbreakable records in college sports?

    NCAA RECORDS: 16 of college sports’ most unbreakable records Former Butler running back Arnold Mickens (1994-95) has his name littered across the FCS record book for his extraordinary two-year run with the Bulldogs.

    What is the FBS record for most consecutive games played?

    This is a list of individual National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) American football records, including Division I (FBS, and FCS), II, and III. FBS: 474.6 – David Klingler, Houston, 1990, 11 games FCS: 527.2 – Steve McNair, Alcorn State, 1994, 11 games

    Who are the all-time passing and rushing records in college football?

    FCS: 16,823 – Steve McNair, Alcorn State, 1991–94, 14,496 passing, 2,327 rushing Div II: 16,432 – Bo Cordell, Tusculum, 2009–13, 16,265 passing, 167 rushing Div III: 14,568 – Kevin Burke, Mount Union, 2011–14, 12,087 passing, 2,481 rushing

    What is the longest field goal ever made in college football?

    Note: The longest field goal ever made in collegiate competition was 69 yards by Ove Johansson of Abilene Christian University, which at the time (1976) was competing as an NAIA, not an NCAA, school.