What is the meaning of the triangle on chemical containers?

What is the meaning of the triangle on chemical containers?

Tactile Triangle Labels – The Tactile Warning Label Certain chemicals and hazardous substances that are sold to the general public, in the EU, must, by law, have a tactile triangle label to alert the blind, or partially sighted, that they are handling a dangerous product.

What does warning mean on a label?

A warning label is a label attached to a product, or contained in a product’s instruction manual, warning the user about risks associated with its use, and may include restrictions by the manufacturer or seller on certain uses.

What does a warning label need to include?

A good warning should clearly identify the nature and danger of the risk, but also the behavior which could cause the injury. Be graphic about the behavior and the risks that consumers should avoid, as well as why they should avoid them i.e., the harm that can come from failing to appreciate the risk.

How do you write a warning label?

7 Tips for Creating Effective Safety Warning Labels

  1. Write Clear and Concise.
  2. Select Signal Words.
  3. Use Pictograms & Symbols.
  4. Include a Helpful Message.
  5. Pick a Durable Material.
  6. Choose the Best ISO Label Format.
  7. Comply with Safety Warning Standards.

How do I create a warning label?

To make your signs and labels as effective as possible, follow these hints….Designing Effective Warning Labels

  1. Write Simply. Explain the hazard directly and simply.
  2. Use a Pictogram.
  3. Choose Proper Signal Word.
  4. Describe How to Avoid the Hazard & the Possible Consequences.
  5. Choose a Durable Material.

What makes a good warning label?

Bold print. Contrasting colors. Borders and underscoring for emphasis. Easily understandable pictures or symbols to represent the danger.

How do you write a caution?

Use the following format for caution notices:

  1. Type the label “Caution” follow it with a colon, and bold both the label and the colon.
  2. Skip one line and begin the text of the caution aligned with the start of the caution label.
  3. Singlespace the text of the caution; skip one line above and below the notice.

Do I need a warning label?

Safety and warning labels are a necessity for keeping consumers and employees aware of any dangerous situations that may arise. Whether it’s unsafe aspects of work equipment or a product itself, clearly identified and legible safety and warning labels will keep those susceptible, aware of the potential hazards.

What are warning labels made of?

Warning Label FAQs The most popular material choice is pressure sensitive label stock, including vinyl, polyesters, papers and reflective. But we also have various metals available as well – aluminum, photosensitive anodized aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

What are the three categories of signs?

Types of road signs are divided into three basic categories: regulatory, warning, and guide signs.

What size is the warning symbol on a tactile label?

The warning symbol on a Tactile Label is an equilateral triangle and the labels are created using a special process to ensure they are the correct size and shape in accordance with ENISO 11683 which clearly sets out the dimensions. The triangle must be equilateral with sides either 9mm (overall label size 13 x 13mm) or 18mm (label size 20 x 20mm).

What is a tactile warning triangle?

When a person who is visually impaired handles a package that contains a substance that could be harmful or dangerous, tactile warning triangles are attached to the package to provide a simple warning that can be felt using the hands. The standard applies to substances that are: It also applies to aerosols that are propelled by butane.

When does a product need a tactile warning of danger?

If products are supplied to the general public that contains hazardous substances they need a tactile warning of danger attached to their packaging. The table below gives an overview of the different hazards that need tactile warnings of danger.

Where can I get a tactile warning label for electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette products labelled Toxic also require a tactile warning label which Dantech supply and ship worldwide. Call 01354 688 488 or email Dantech. What are Tactile Warning Labels? Tactile warning labels are labels that warn the visually impaired about toxic, corrosive, harmful, and flammable products.