What is the movie Bad Teacher about?

What is the movie Bad Teacher about?

For most, teaching is an honorable profession — except for Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz). The foul-mouthed, boozy woman can’t wait to marry a rich man and quit her job, but she has to rethink her plans when her sugar daddy dumps her. Then Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), a substitute teacher who’s cute and rich, arrives. Elizabeth can’t wait to sink her teeth into a new meal ticket, but she faces stiff competition from Amy (Lucy Punch), a popular and perky colleague.Bad Teacher / Film synopsis

Is there a movie called Bad Teacher?

Bad Teacher is a 2011 American comedy film directed by Jake Kasdan from a screenplay by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

What kind of movie is Bad Teacher?

Bad Teacher/Genres

Is Bad Teacher worth watching?

Bottom Line: Bad Teacher was a great idea, poorly executed, but relentlessly saved by the energetic cast. This movie could have mixed the dark charm of Bad Santa with the subtle workforce ridiculousness humor of Office Space to become something very, very special.

What happens in the end of Bad Teacher movie?

Amazingly, Elizabeth never gets punished for any of her bad behavior. She ends the school year with a promotion and a clean record, while her hyper-perky rival—a Good Teacher fond of stunts like dressing up in sailor garb and calling herself captain of her classroom—gets banished to the worst school in the state.

Is the movie Bad Teacher on Netflix?

Watch all you want.

How old should you be to watch Bad Teacher?

Age Appropriate for: 16+, with a parent to get their children in. Most older teenagers are probably already aware of the film’s lewd elements, like dirty jokes, drug use, lots of cursing and sexual material, including bare breasts and some implied sex scenes.

How old should you be to watch bad teacher?

Does Bad Teacher have a happy ending?

Where can u watch Bad Teacher?

Watch Bad Teacher | Netflix.

Is the Bad Teacher on Hulu?

How to Watch Bad Teacher. Right now you can watch Bad Teacher on Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Is bad teacher a adult?

Definitely really course language, adult (well childish adult)situations. Some moments of down right nasty. If they were trying to make a teacher version of the Hangover, boy did they miss that boat.

How does Bad Teacher movie end?