What is the name of C2H5I?

What is the name of C2H5I?

Ethyl iodide (also iodoethane) is a colorless flammable chemical compound. It has the chemical formula C2H5I and is prepared by heating ethanol with iodine and phosphorus.

What is the molecular formula of Iodoethane?

C2H5IEthyl iodide / Formula

What is the molecular weight of Iodoethane?

155.97 g/molEthyl iodide / Molar mass

How do you make iodoethane?

Iodoethane can be prepared by heating ethane with iodine in presence of iodic acid. At first, ethyl iodide is washed with sufficient water and then with dilute NaOH solution to remove the unreacted iodine. Then ,it is dried over anhydrous calcium chloride and finally redistilled at 730C to get pure ethyl iodine.

How will you prepare iodoethane from Bromoethane?

Answer: CH3-CH2-Br+NaI=CH3-CH2-I +NaBr. This is Finkelistein reaction.

What is the density of iodoethane?

1.94 g/cm³Ethyl iodide / Density

How do you convert chloroethane to iodoethane?

Answer : Ethanol can be reacted with HCl gives chloroethane in the presence of ZnCl2. Chloroethane on reacting with NaI gives iodoethane.

Why do chloroethane bromoethane and iodoethane react at different rates?

Terms in this set (16) Why does iodoethane react faster than chloroethane or bromoethane with warm, aqueous sodium hydroxide? The C-I bond enthalpy is lower than the C-Cl and the C-Br bond enthalpies due to the greater difference in electronegativity in C-Cl than C-I.

How is iodoethane prepared from?

Answer. A heat iodine and ethanol under reflux. B react ethanol and potassium iodide in the presence of dilute acid.

What is the Molecular Weight of 2-bromopropane?

122.99 g/mol2-Bromopropane / Molar mass

What is the molecular weight of 1-bromopropane?

122.993 g

Chemical formula C3H7Br
Molar mass 122.993 g·mol−1
Appearance Colorless liquid
Density 1.354 g mL−1

How will you convert chloroethane into Fluoroethane?

So , first ethane is converted into chloroethane which is followed by heating with inorganic fluoride results un the formation of fluoroethane. Cloroethane on reaction with HgCl​2 gives fluoroethane.

How to determine the molar mass of magnesium?

MOLAR MASS OF MAGNESIUM I. Purpose – Determine the molar mass of magnesium using simple lab equipment. II. Procedure – a. Obtain a piece of magnesium (Mg) ribbon less than 4 cm long. Measure the length of the ribbon carefully and record this to the nearest 0.01 cm. Your instructor will give you the mass of 100 cm of the ribbon.

What is the molar mass of MG?

Molar mass of Mg = 24.3050 g/mol Convert grams Magnesium to moles or moles Magnesium to grams Percent composition by element Calculate the molecular weight of a chemical compound

What is the formula for magnesium in PubChem?

Magnesium PubChem CID 5462224 Structure Find Similar Structures Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS Molecular Formula Mg Synonyms 7439-95-4 Magnesium Mg magnesio Magnesiu

What is the specific density of magnesium?

Magnesium or magnesium alloys with >50% magnesium in pellets, turnings or ribbons [UN1869] [Flammable solid] Magnesium, microfoil, 25x25mm, thinness 1.0mum, specific density 174mug/cm2, 6 micron aluminum permanent support, 99.9% Magnesium, microfoil, 50x50mm, thinness 1.0mum, specific density 174mug/cm2, 6 micron aluminum permanent support, 99.9%