What is the order of levels in gymnastics?

What is the order of levels in gymnastics?

In the United States, gymnastics categories are divided into levels from 1 to 10, dividing them into groups for beginners (level 1 to level 3) and groups for advanced or professional people (level 4, level 5 to level 6, level 7 to level 10) the latter being the most competitive.

How do gymnastic levels work UK?

The lowest is 14 and this goes down to 9, the most difficult of the regional grades. Above that, there’s national grades which start at 8 (easiest) and goes down to 5 (hardest). The highest level (for elite gymnasts) are the compulsories which start at 4 (easiest) and go down to 1 (hardest).

What does Level 8 in gymnastics mean?

Congratulations on moving up to Level 8. Level 8 means you’re flipping your first vault in competition, that you’ve added twisting into your floor passes and are performing saltos on the balance beam.

What can a Level 2 gymnast do?

Level 2 gymnasts must perform a floor routine with the following skills:

  • cartwheel.
  • handstand (must be held for 1 second)
  • backward roll to push-up position.
  • bridge back kick-over.
  • split leap with 60° leg separation.
  • 180° heel snap turn in passé
  • split jump with 60° leg separation.

What can a level 3 gymnast do?

In Level 3, she’ll learn the full cartwheel, kick to handstand and the squat-on mount. She will execute squat turns, 120-degree split leaps and the coupe walk. She’ll graduate to releve leg swings and swing her V-sit to a squat.

How old are Level 3 gymnastics?

5 years of age
A gymnast’s age is determined by how old she will be as of December 31st of the year in which the competition takes place. b. Level 3 ONLY: Child 5 years of age: Must be 5 years old on the day of competition to be eligible to compete.

What do Level 4 gymnasts do?

This means that to compete this level, the gymnast must learn a specific routine for each event. At level 4 meets, a gymnast is judged based on how well she does the skill, in addition to how well she performs the routine exactly how it is supposed to be done.

How old are Level 9 gymnastics?

There are three optional only levels: 8,9,10. The minimum age for level 8 is 8 years old, while for levels 9 and 10, it is 9 years of age. Level 9 is the second level of optional competition.

What are the levels of gymnastics in the UK?

The National Development Plan recognizes 3 levels – 4, 3 and 2. For in age gymnasts this works in line with the compulsory grade ages so for example a 9 year old elite stream gymnast would take compulsory grade 4 in the spring and compete in level 4 in age in the autumn. However the levels are open to all age groups on similar rules.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 4 gymnastics?

Learn more about the Level 1 Gymnastics Requirements, the Level 2 Gymnastics Requirements, and the Level 3 Gymnastics Requirements. Level 4 is the first required competitive level. So, to advance to level 5 from level 4 the gymnast must meet minimum standards and earn a minimum “mobility score.” Level 4 is a compulsory level.

Are GB gymnasts the foundations of elite gymnastics in Britain?

A look back at the grade results of GB gymnasts will tell you that they are one of the foundations of elite gymnastics in Britain, and where future stand outs can first be spotted. The emerging generation of gymnasts illustrating the point well.

How many a and B skills can A Level 8 gymnast Do?

Level 8 gymnasts must perform four A and four B skills in each routine. Level 9 gymnasts must perform three A, four B and one C skills. -A Level 10 gymnast must do three A, three B and two C. * Level 7 and level 8 gymnasts cannot perform E skills.