What is the train number of Sampoorna KRANTI?

What is the train number of Sampoorna KRANTI?

The 12393 / 12394 Sampoorna Kranti Express is an Indian Railways Express passenger train service, which runs between Rajendra Nagar, Patna and New Delhi.

Who is the fastest train of Patna to Delhi?

A. Rjpb Tejas Raj is the fastest train for patna jn to delhi , which takes 12 hours 05 minutes in travelling.

Is Sampoorna Kranti Cancelled today?

Sampoorna Kranti from New Delhi to be cancelled today.

Where is Sampoorna Kranti Express now?

12393 S Kranti Sup Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
MIRZAPUR (MZP) 23:21 Ontime
NEW DELHI (NDLS) 07:55 Ontime

Who gave the concept Sampoorna Kranti?

Jaiprakash Narayan
Jaiprakash Narayan gave the slogan of “Sampurna Kranti”.

Which platform is Sampoorna Kranti?

Delhi to Patna Sampoorna Kranti Express 12394 timing Sampoorna Kranti Express (12394) runs from Delhi to Patna. It departs from New Delhi station (NDLS) at 17:30 from platform 16 and arrives at Rajendra Nagar Bihar station (RJPB) at 07:20 on platform 2.

What was the primary objective of the Sampoorna Kranti movement?

Total Revolution He advocated a program of social transformation by participation of youth in social activities. He called it Total Revolution (Sampurna Kranti) Movement. Protests and closure of colleges and universities also occurred on 15 July. Some colleges started after that and examinations were held.

What is the timing of Sampoorna Kranti from Delhi to Patna?

The train 12394 is named as SAMPOORN K EXP. It leaves New Delhi at 17:30 on day 1 and reaches Patna at 07:35 on day 2.It takes 14 hrs 5 mins to reach from its source to the destination.

Who gave the concept of Sampoorna Kranti?

Who led the Sampoorna Kranti movement?

The Bihar Movement was a political movement initiated by students in the Indian state of Bihar in 1974 and led by the veteran Gandhian socialist Jayaprakash Narayan, popularly known as JP, against misrule and corruption in the state government.

Which side is platform No 16 in Delhi?

ajmeri gate side
New Delhi railway station platform 16 is on ajmeri gate side with same facilities. New Delhi railway station nearest Metro Station is “New Delhi” lies on Ajmeri gate on yellow line and orange line. yellow line is connected with blue line on rajiv chowk and violet line on central secretariat.

Will RAC 87 get confirmed?

your ticket status is in RAC so it will get definitely confirm, but on the chart preparation you will be given berth either full berth or the berth which is shared by another passenger. so wait until the chart preparation which is 3-4 hours before the scheduled departure of train. you will get berth. happy journey.