What is the word patient in French?

What is the word patient in French?

patient. More French words for patient. le patient noun.

What does OSHA mean in French?

[ˈəʊʃə ] noun abbreviation. (US) (= Occupational Safety and Health Administration) administration chargée de la santé et de la sécurité sur les lieux de travail ⧫ ≈ inspection du travail.

What causes paraplegic?

Paraplegia is normally caused by injury to your spinal cord or brain that stops signals from reaching your lower body. When your brain cannot send signals to your lower body, it results in paralysis. Many injuries that cause paraplegia are the result of accidents.

How do you conjugate a patient in French?

– You’ll have to be patient. – Nous allons patienter. – We will be patient. – Vous allez devoir patienter.

What is patient in French feminine?

The French translation for “patient (adjective, feminine)” is patiente.

What does limited egress mean?

An access door or portal which is too small to allow an entrant to walk upright and unimpeded through it will be considered to be restrictive.

Can you walk with paraplegia?

While the stereotype of a paraplegic is of someone in a wheelchair who cannot move his or her arms or legs, cannot feel anything below the level of injury, and cannot walk, paraplegics actually have a range of capabilities that may change over time, both as their health evolves and their physical therapy helps them …

What causes paraplegia?

How do paraplegics live?

With the right support and management, individuals with paraplegia may have independent and productive lives….Helpful Tips for Living with Paraplegia

  1. Avoid compensatory strategies unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Attend psychotherapy.
  3. Participate in physical therapy regularly.
  4. Join a support group.
  5. Be patient.

What is the adverb form of patient in French?

patiemment patiently
Irregular Adverbs

Adjectives with –ant, -ent endings Adverb
évident évidemment evidently
fréquent fréquemment frequently
patient patiemment patiently
prudent prudemment wisely

Is patient feminine in French?

The gender of patient is masculine. E.g. le patient. The feminine form is la patiente.

How wide should OSHA walkway be?

A minimum width of 18 inches is acceptable for a walkway used for maintenance and gaining access to equipment and would comply with the intent of Section 1910.37, OSHA General Industry Standards.

What do safeguarding devices do to protect the worker?

Safeguarding devices either prevent or detect operator contact with the point of operation or stop potentially hazardous machine motion if any part of a worker’s body is within the hazardous portion of the machine.