What oil does a VE V6 Commodore take?

What oil does a VE V6 Commodore take?


What oil do I put my VE Commodore?

Genuine ACDelco Dexos 2 5W-30 Synthetic Oil 5L for Holden Commodore VE VF SS SSV SV6.

How much oil does a VE V6 Commodore take?

The actual oil capacity for a V6 Commodore of that vintage is 5.3 litres, so if you buy a six-litre pack, you’ll have enough for tops-ups between oil changes.

How much oil does a ly7 take?

1 X Nulon 6 litre full synthetic engine oil. 2 X Nulon 1 litre full synthetic engine oil.

How many VW oil quality specifications are there?

Since the mid 1990’s there are approximately 13 different engine oil quality specifications for VW models. Each VW oil quality specification signifies the necessary oil performance levels, chemicals, and properties in accordance to a desired Audi engine application.

What is the weight of the different V6 and V8 engines?

Alloytec V6 Ratio: 3.27:1 Alloytec 195 V6 Ratio: 2.92:1 V8 Automatic Ratio: 2.92:1 V8 Manual Ratio: 3.45:1 Weight: Omega V6 Automatic: 1,690 kg Berlina V6 Automatic: 1,705 kg Berlina V8 Automatic: 1,780 kg SV6 V6 Manual: 1,725 kg SV6 V6 Automatic: 1,735 kg SS V8 Manual: 1,770 kg SS V8 Automatic: 1,785 kg SS V V8 Manual: 1,790 kg

What kind of oil does a VW engine use?

Special engine oil for VW turbodiesel engines with pump-injector-unit and for the V8 Commonrail turbodiesel engines. Meets ACEA B4 SAE 5W-40 specification. These oils are suitable for diesel engines with extended service intervals of up to 50,000km / 2 years. Not for use on engines with a single injector pump.

What is the viscosity of the engine oil?

Viscosity is SAE 0W30. These oils are especially for “Pumpe-Düse” (unit injector or “PD” engines) running on extended service intervals (30,000 – 50,000km / 24 months). Oil change is indicated by the electronic service indicator.