What size paper does the star SP700 use?

What size paper does the star SP700 use?

STAR MICRONICS SP700 (All) 1-Ply 3 inch x 165′ Paper 50 Rolls.

What kind of paper does star SP700 use?

Star Micronics SP700 Series printers are impact / dot matrix printers, meaning that they require an ink ribbon and cannot take thermal paper rolls. Carbonless and Bond paper rolls will work with your SP700 series printer.

What size is Clover paper?

2 1/4 inch x 55 feet
Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Vonlyst
Size ‎10 rolls
Sheet Size ‎Paper Roll 2 1/4 inch x 55 feet
Brightness Rating ‎90 Lumen
Paper Finish ‎Specially Coated

What size paper does the star TSP100?

3 1/8″ x 273′
Star Micronics TSP100 Printer Paper 3 1/8″ x 273′ Thermal Roll Paper (50 Rolls)

What size paper does the clover kitchen printer use?

The Clover Station Printer takes 3 1/8in x 230ft thermal paper rolls. The internal Clover Mini printer, internal Clover Flex printer & Clover Mobile Printer takes thermal rolls that are 2 1/4in wide by 85ft in length (also used by the FD150 terminal).

Can you use any cash drawer with clover?

This is the official matching cash drawer for all Clover POS systems, including the Clover Station, Mini & Mobile. With all the money you’ll be making, you need a drawer in which to stash your cash. Can also be used with any POS/Register system, if you are looking for a high quality, modern & white cash box/drawer.

Can I use thermal paper in a normal printer?

Using thermal paper in a regular printer is not advisable. Thermal paper is designed to work in thermal printers, which use heat instead of ink. It is also thinner and more slippery. Thus, a regular printer would probably not produce good results.

Is thermal printing cheaper than laser printing?

When choosing a printer for shipping labels, it’s important to look at the two main technological approaches: thermal and laser printing. While upfront costs are often similar, typically thermal printers are a better long-term deal.

How wide is receipt paper?

The first is the receipt roll width. The standard roll widths are 80mm, 57mm, and 76mm. If you choose the wrong width, your receipt paper will not fit into the printer.

Can I print thermal paper in inkjet?

Thermal papers are specially designed for use in thermal printers. So, thermal papers cannot be used for inkjet printing.

What can I print on the tsp700ii?

The TSP700II is also a cost effective multifunctional printer, capable of printing high quality fixed length tickets and labels on paper up to 0.15mm thick.

Why choose the tsp700?

Its robust and versatile design and ease-of use make the TSP700 ideal for fast, high volume receipting applications which require high quality text, graphics and barcode output at a fast 250mm per second.

What operating platforms is the tsp700ii compatible with?

The TSP700II is compatible with the majority of operating platforms including Windows, iOS and Android and has been successfully installed in thousands of retail, hospitality and self service kiosk applications worldwide.