What station is NPR in ny?

What station is NPR in ny?

WNYC 93.9 FM
WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820 are New York’s flagship public radio stations, broadcasting the finest programs from NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio Exchange and the BBC World Service, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming.

How do I listen to NPR on my Iphone?

Live radio from your Member station Say, “Hey Siri, play the station [station name or call letters] or “Hey Siri, play [station name or call letters] radio” to hear live radio from a Member station. Click here to find any NPR Member station in the country.

Where is NPR located?

Washington, D.C.
National Public Radio (NPR), the public radio network of the United States. Based in Washington, D.C., NPR offers a broad range of high-quality news and cultural programming to hundreds of local public radio stations.

Is NPR run by the government?

National Public Radio (NPR, stylized in all lowercase) is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. (often called the “mothership” of NPR), with its NPR West headquarters in Culver City, California.

Whats NPR mean?

National Public RadioNational Public Radio / Full name

Who are public radio broadcasters?

Public broadcasters do not rely on advertising to the same degree as commercial broadcasters, or at all; this allows public broadcasters to transmit programmes that are not commercially viable to the mass market, such as public affairs shows, radio and television documentaries, and educational programmes.

Why do we need Public Broadcasting?

Public broadcasting offers a rare,moral transaction.

  • The community around public stations is part of social capital.
  • Engagement with the public is what puts the ‘public’ in public broadcasting and other public media.
  • We need civility in media to rebuild the public’s trust and hope.
  • Bring exuberant life to the country’s most important public space.
  • What are the best public radio stations?

    WHTZ-FM. This New York station has 389,369 listeners,and it plays contemporary hits.

  • KIIS FM. KIIS FM,known more commonly as Kiss FM,is a station in Los Angeles with 338,008 listeners.
  • WKQI-FM. WKQI-FM is a leading FM radio station serving the regions of Michigan,Detroit.
  • WWPW-FM.
  • KMVQ-FM.
  • WWWQ-FM.
  • WIOQ-FM.
  • KDWB-FM.
  • WBLA-FM.
  • WKSC-FM.
  • What was the first public radio broadcast?

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