Where can I buy pedicure supplies?

Where can I buy pedicure supplies?

At the Nail Superstore, you can find pedicure supplies from callus removers, pedicure tools, foot soaks, foot scrubs, foot lotions, foot files, pedicure slippers, pedicure toe separators, foot massage tools and more at unbelievably low prices.

How do I give my client a basic manicure?

To achieve the perfect basic manicure (or pedicure), follow these simple steps: 1. Soak hands and/or feet in clean, warm water. 2. Clip nails to an appropriate length for your client. 3. File nails to remove any rough edges. 4. Buff up the nails with a nail buffing block.

What are the benefits of regular manicure and pedicure treatments?

Regular manicure and pedicure treatments offer much more than aesthetic benefits. Mani-pedi treatments keep your nails clean and free of cracks and chips, your cuticles healthy and your skin moisturized. Playing an important role in new skin regeneration, most professional pedicures also include the removal of tough, dry skin and calluses.

Are You Ready for summer pedicure season?

Please wait… It’s always summer somewhere so you should stay ready for pedicure season! One way to do that is by stocking up on all of the pedicure supplies you need for when business booms!

How can I customize my manicure and pedicure?

Many products and supplies are available to customize the perfect manicure and pedicure. In addition to the steps below, added services such as paraffin treatments, exfoliating scrubs, and hand or foot masks will personalize and enhance your menu options. To achieve the perfect basic manicure (or pedicure), follow these simple steps:

What kind of supplies do you need for a manicure?

Manicure Supplies, Pedicure Products, Tools & Equipment. Pedicure tools, slippers, toe separators, pedicure salts, emery boards, scrubs and masks, soaking tubs and implements tools. Great prices on Manicure supplies & Pedicure Supplies and Equipment.