Where is Kingaroy?

Where is Kingaroy?

Kingaroy /kɪŋəˈrɔɪ/ is a rural town and locality in the South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 210 kilometres (130 mi) or about 2½ hours drive north-west of the state capital Brisbane.

What’s Kingaroy famous for?

peanut silos
Kingaroy is the aboriginal word for ‘red ant’ and it’s probably best known for its towering peanut silos (Kingaroy is the processing capital of Australia’s peanut industry).

Is Kingaroy Aboriginal?

Kingaroy, town, southeastern Queensland, Australia, in the South Burnett area. It originated in 1886 as Kingaroy Paddock, deriving its name from the Aboriginal term kingerroy, meaning “red ant,” and was proclaimed a shire in 1912.

What is it like to live in Kingaroy?

Very toxic town, low socioeconomic and high crime rate only getting worse. Poor medical care and hard to access dental, hospitals and schools are a joke. Town is all about who you know and what you can get otherwise the locals will destroy you.

Is Kingaroy on a river?

The Stuart River rises in the Stuart Range, part of the Great Dividing Range, below Mount Kiangarow in the Bunya Mountains and within the Bunya Mountains National Park. The river flows generally north by east through the town of Kingaroy before flowing north by west, and west of the town of Proston.

What LGA is Kingaroy in?

South Burnett
South Burnett local government area

Name: South Burnett
Total area: 8,378.6 km²
% total Qld: 0.5%
Towns: Blackbutt, Boondooma, Brigooda, Chahpingah, Coolabunia, Crawford, Durong, Hivesville, Kingaroy, Kumbia, Manar, Memerambi, Murgon, Nanango, Proston, Stoneleigh, Taabinga, Tarong, Tingoora, Wigton, Windera, Wondai, Wooroolin

Is Kingaroy worth visiting?

If farm-fresh produce, rolling countryside and picturesque B&Bs are your idea of the ultimate weekend, it’s time you put Kingaroy on your must-visit list. Less than three hours’ drive north west of Brisbane, this quirky country town is the perfect country getaway.

What does Kingaroy mean in Aboriginal?

small red ant
Origin of Name Kingaroy was probably named after a local Aboriginal word for a small red ant. A book of local Aboriginal words explains that it is: “Derived from ‘king’, a small black ant, and ‘dhu’roi’, meaning hungry.

Is Kingaroy growing?

Based on five years of sales, Kingaroy has seen a compound growth rate of 7.8% for houses and 11.4% for units.

Is Kingaroy a growing town?

Kingaroy’s population is also expected to double over the coming decades as a steadily growing population take advantage of the area’s great rural lifestyle, the area’s proximity to Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast and rapidly expanding opportunities.

Are peanuts still grown in Kingaroy?

Kingaroy is still home to Australia’s peanut biggest processing facility, which was bought by Bega Foods in 2017. In that time, the supply of locally grown peanuts has dwindled through several years of drought and the key growing areas have changed.

What does Kingaroy have to offer?

There’s no better place to taste the product that is at the backbone of the local economy. On offer are more than 20 varieties of sweet and savoury peanuts, among them Kingaroy Kurry, Tangy Lime and Hickory Smoked. The van also stocks various peanut products, like peanut paste, peanut oil or unshelled peanuts.

How old is Kingaroy?

* The Kingaroy area was opened up in the 1840s when Henry Stuart Russell and the Haly brothers moved into the area in 1843. * Taabinga Station homestead was built in 1846. * In 1878 the area where the town now stands was settled by the Markwell Brothers.

Is Kingaroy a good place to invest?

If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Kingaroy rent out for $350 PW with an annual rental yield of 6.5% and units rent for $260 PW with a rental yield of 7.7%. Based on five years of sales, Kingaroy has seen a compound growth rate of 7.8% for houses and 11.4% for units.

What do they grow in Kingaroy?

The Queensland town of Kingaroy is famous for its nuts — its farmers planted some of Australia’s first commercial crops in 1901.

What peanut butter is made in Australia?

Bega Peanut Butter – Australia’s favourite peanut butter* is now Australian owned by Bega. Made with the same recipe in Australia for over 50 years, it’s never oily, never dry with the same taste you’ve always loved! Available in Smooth or Crunchy, No Added Sugar or Salt, and 100% Nuts.

Is there a bus from Brisbane to Kingaroy?

No, there is no direct bus from Brisbane to Kingaroy. However, there are services departing from Abbotsford Rd at Bowen Hills and arriving at Kingaroy via Caboolture. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 4h 30m.

Where does the spirit of Queensland stop?

The main stops en route between Brisbane and Cairns are Maryborough (where you can get a connecting bus to Hervey Bay), Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Proserpine (where you can get a connecting bus to Airlie Beach) and Townsville.

Why can’t I buy Australian peanuts?

The 2019/20 season was so bad for our farmers that, according to our supplier (Crumpton), the crop this year is less than 10% of what they would get in a normal year. This means that there is a severe shortage of Australian peanuts this year.