Where is Prince Marni now?

Where is Prince Marni now?

In his Instagram bio, he states he’s now an artist from New York city. While some fans are in support of the changes, some fans are still confused and shocked as to what is happening with Prince.

What happened Prince Marni Instagram?

Trinidadian dancer Inhalemee and Jamaican comedian and YouTube star Prince Marni are no longer engaged. She made the announcement on Instagram on Tuesday. The dancer, whose real name is Denisha Burton, posted a series of Instagram Stories alleging that Prince Marni (born Anthony Grant) repeatedly cheated on her.

Who is Prince Marni?

Prince Marni is back on social media with a brand new look. The Jamaican internet comedian, real name Anthony Grant, is now doing music and also got a new Instagram account. Prince Marni shocked fans recently when he uploaded new photos rocking dreadlocks from an IG page with barely 1,000 followers.

Who is Inhalemee?

who is inhalemee? Denisha also known as Inhalemee is a Caribbean Dance Fitness Instructor. After being featured in 100 of performances across the world and being a spotlight dancer as well as leading lady in the Fast Wine music video by Machel Montano, the demand of Inhalemee skyrocketed.

Where is Inhalemee from?

The Jamaican/Trinidadian born dancer’s goal is to bring self love and fitness in the form of interactive classes across the world. She has toured from the U.S , Africa and Europe hosting her unique waistline techniques, hard hitting choreography incorporating fitness and mindful meditation.

Who is Royal G?

Born in Brooklyn, NY to Barbadian heritage, Gale Harris also known as Royal G representing the 246, is a self taught dancer/ choreographer and today is one of the Caribbean’s favorite dancing queens.

Who was Inhalemee dating?

Jamaican comedian and Instagram/YouTube star Prince Marni and Trinidadian dancer Inhalemee are tying the knot. Prince Marni, whose real name is Anthony Grant, proposed to his longtime girlfriend, whose real name is Denisha Burton on Thursday.

How old is Royal G?

Royal G Gale is currently 23 years old. Royal G celebrated her 23rd birthday in September 2020.

Where is Royal G the dancer from?

Royal Gale is from Caribbean but currently based in New York City.