Where should I sit at Autzen Stadium?

Where should I sit at Autzen Stadium?

Without a doubt, the best seats at Autzen Stadium are located along the South sideline in sections 29-33. Many of these seats are chairback, part of the Autzen Club, or both. These seats also have the advantage of being on the less-sunny side of the field.

How many people does Autzen hold?

54,000Autzen Stadium / Capacity

What does club access mean at Autzen Stadium?

Features & Amenities These seats are perfectly situated along the sideline at the best height for seeing the entire field. Ticketholders sitting in the club seats will enjoy seats with chair backs, armrests and cupholders. Guests also get access to the climate-controlled Club Room.

What is the student section at Autzen?

Pre-Game/Entering Autzen Stadium Student seating is located in sections 4-8 and the top of 2 on a first come-first seat basis.

Why is Autzen so loud?

With the 90-acre site full of bedrock, the locally sourced infill builds up around Autzen, encasing the state’s largest sports venue in earth and sinking the field, which also adds a noise-retaining benefit.

Are masks required at Autzen Stadium?

Face coverings are not required in any Oregon Athletics outdoor venues. The mask mandate for all guests ages 5 and over remains in effect for all indoor spaces in University of Oregon venues, per Oregon Health Authority and the University of Oregon Incident Management Team.

Do I have to wear a mask at Autzen Stadium?

“While the mask mandate remains in effect for all indoor spaces in Oregon Athletics venues, they are now recommended rather than required for outdoor spaces throughout Autzen Stadium, per OHA and the University of Oregon Incident Management Team.”

Do you have to wear a mask in Autzen Stadium?

Is Autzen the loudest stadium?

Home of the Ducks and with a capacity of 54,000 people, Autzen Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in College Football. Crowd noise hit 127 decibels in a 2007 game against USC.

Is LSU the loudest stadium?

A ranking of the 50 “loudest” college football stadiums of all-time was released on Tuesday. LSU checks in at No. 1, followed by Penn State, Texas A&M, Washington and Tennessee.

Can you buy beer at Autzen Stadium?

Home > Beers > Can You Drink Beer In Autzen Stadium? Fans of the sport are now allowed to drink legally for six hours before kickoff in the stadium parking lots. As part of this season’s expansion of alcohol sales, general concession stands now sell beer and wine at various locations throughout the stadium.

Does Autzen Stadium serve beer?

NEW! The University of Oregon announced on Thursday changes to the game day experience at Autzen Stadium for the 2018 college football season, including earlier access to the parking lots, expanded sales of beer and wine, instituting a clear-bag policy and the elimination of stadium re-entry.

What is the smallest stadium in Pac-12?

Martin Stadium
Martin Stadium: Washington State University Given that it is the smallest stadium in the PAC-12, Washington State’s Martin Stadium is a pretty good one in terms of crowd noise.