Which keyboard shortcut will focus the viewport on the selected object S?

Which keyboard shortcut will focus the viewport on the selected object S?

S/H/O – Center Element/Frame All Objects/Fit Selected Object. If you don’t want to crane your neck as you work on objects around your viewport, use these keys. S will center any selected element in your viewport so you can work in comfort. O fits the selected object in your viewport.

How do you reset camera in Cinema 4D?

Reset it by going to View > Frame Default https://t.co/q7Jlg87GXR” / Twitter.

Which hotkey is used for animation?

And that’s it. So, remember Alt + Shift + C to get the Animation Painter to quickly transfer your animation from one place to another.

How do I start rendering in Cinema 4D?

This can be achieved two different ways. The first is by selecting the Render View icon at the top of the CINEMA 4D UI. The next is by simply using the shortcut Ctrl+R. Rendering in the viewport does exactly what it sounds like, it creates a render from where your camera is currently focused directly in the viewport.

What is Maxon command line?

Maxon Command Line for C4D R19 allows creating dedicated render farms for for users whose render jobs exceed the capacity of individual workstations or that of Team Render. Command Line uses the Cinema 4D render functions and is managed by render farm admin tools provided by third parties.

How do you center camera in Cinema 4D?

Reset PSR: How to Center any Object in Cinema 4D

  1. In Cinema 4D, right-click in the dark gray area next to the toolbar.
  2. In the Name Filter search area, search for PSR or Reset.
  3. Drag Reset PSR to the layout to the point where you want it.
  4. To use, select any object, camera, or light, then tap the PSR 0 button.

How to set keyframes in Cinema 4D?

To set a keyframe, make sure you are on frame 1 in your Animation Toolbar, then hold down the Ctrl key or the Command key and click on the circle, which should now become a red-filled dot. Congratulations on setting a keyframe. Moving on to the next recipe then. Just kidding!

How to get started with Cinema 4D?

Live modelling with Parametrics. One of the key features of Cinema 4D is that has a fully featured parametric modelling system.

  • Cloning tools. Cinema 4D also has a range of cloning tools,which can duplicate your shape into various configurations,based on 3D grids,or they can use another object
  • Get to know the object list.
  • Changing layouts.
  • How to use Cinema 4D for beginners?


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  • Viewport Options
  • Installing Plugins,Customizing UI
  • Application&Project Settings
  • Menu Iitems
  • Moving,Scaling,Rotating Objects
  • Object Attributesags
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  • How to move and rotate objects in Cinema 4D?

    Zoom out with the Viewer if you want more room to operate. Hit Ctrl or Command + Z to undo the move you just did. A smart way to move objects is to grab-and-drag the red, green, or blue arrow on the gizmo and hold down the Shift key. This will move the object in intervals of 10.