Who are the Channel 9 news presenters?

Who are the Channel 9 news presenters?

TODAY Show News Team

  • Karl Stefanovic. TODAY Presenter.
  • Allison Langdon. TODAY Presenter.
  • Alex Cullen. TODAY Sport Presenter.
  • Tim Davies. TODAY Weather Presenter.
  • Brooke Boney. TODAY Entertainment Reporter.
  • David Campbell. TODAY Show host.
  • Richard Wilkins. Entertainment Editor.
  • Jayne Azzopardi. Weekend Today’s news reader.

Who are the news readers on Channel 7?

Meet the 7NEWS Sydney team

  • Mark Ferguson. Mark Ferguson. Credit: Seven Network.
  • Michael Usher. Michael Usher. Credit: Seven Network.
  • Mel McLaughlin. Mel McLaughlin. Credit: Seven Network.
  • Ann Sanders. Ann Sanders.
  • Angie Asimus. Angie Asimus.
  • Robert Ovadia. Robert Ovadia.
  • Chris Reason. Chris Reason.
  • Gemma Acton. Gemma Acton.

Who is the new ABC news reader?

Juanita Phillips presents the 7pm news bulletin in New South Wales.

Who is the host of SBS news?

Janice Petersen
Janice Petersen is an Australian television presenter. Petersen is currently the presenter of SBS World News on Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

Who quit Channel 9?

presenter Erin Molan
By Daniella White. Sports presenter Erin Molan has left the Nine Network to take up a role on Sky News as a prime-time contributor. Molan has been a sport reporter and presenter for the Nine Network since 2012 and was previously a co-host of The Footy Show.

Who reads the news on Channel 7 in Adelaide?

Jane Doyle has presented Adelaide’s No. 1 Seven News in Adelaide since 1989.

Who is the weather girl on Channel 9 Melbourne?

Livinia Helen Nixon
Livinia Helen Nixon (19 March 1975) is an Australian television presenter and actress. Nixon is the chief weather presenter for Nine News Melbourne.

Who is the female anchor on ABC News?

Linsey Davis is currently an anchor for ABC News Live Prime, which is ABC News Live’s first-ever streaming evening newscast, and weekend “World News Tonight” on Sundays.

Who reads the news on ABC Melbourne?

Tamara Oudyn
Tamara Oudyn is an Australian television presenter and reporter. Oudyn currently presents ABC News Victoria from Sunday to Thursday.

Where did Erin Molan go?

In December 2021, Molan resigned from the Nine Network to join Sky News Australia as a Primetime Contributor.

Who is Rebecca Maddern replacing on Channel 7?

In January 2022, it was announced that Maddern will return to the Seven Network where she will present Seven News Melbourne with Mike Amor on weekends and presents Seven Afternoon News Melbourne by replacing Jacqueline Felgate.

How old is Amelia Mulcahy?

Journalism may be an increasingly competitive industry, but 7News weather presenter and reporter Amelia Mulcahy says succeeding is about “running your own race”. The 25-year-old, who grew up in Adelaide, will MC Spence Club’s first event on February 8.

Who are the ABC’s Top 7 News presenters?

National 1 Ros Childs, ABC News at Noon presenter 2 Alex Cullen, Today News & sport presenter 3 Jodie Speers, Seven Early News presenter 4 Natalie Barr, Sunrise News presenter 5 Ann Sanders, Seven Morning News presenter 6 Davina Smith, Nine Morning News & Nine Afternoon News presenter 7 Jayne Azzopardi, Weekend Today News presenter

Who is the longest serving presenter on TV in Australia?

Mal Walden, HSV-7 (1969–1987), ATV-10 (1987-2013) – 44 Years [Following Brian Henderson’s retirement, until December 2013, Walden was the ‘longest continually serving presenter on Australian television’ and according to himself, had presented 12,000 bulletins].

Who are the leading men of Australian TV journalism?

So it was no mean feat getting the leading men of Australian TV journalism into the one room. With thousands of hours of air time, decades of experience and ages ranging from NITV’s Kris Flanders’s 26, to veteran broadcaster and Sky News presenter Terry Willesee’s 67 years, it was a chance for many to swap stories and inspiration.

Who are Sky News Australia’s digital reporters?

Tyrone Clarke is a Digital Reporter for Sky News Australia and he writes on federal and foreign politics. Tyrone grew up in Melbourne and joined Sky News Australia in 2019. Zoe is a Digital Reporter for Sky News Australia and based in Sydney. She covers coronavirus, general news and fancies the occasional sport yarn.